Zuckerberg’s bet on the metaverse is a Putinesque delusion…

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Zuckerberg’s bet on the metaverse is a Putinesque delusion that may lead to Meta’s downfall

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  1. I remember when Ted Turner was an unstoppable force. He owned all the channels. He bought up all the old movies and tv shows. He was putting his philosophy out there with shows like Captain Planet. He had a goal to have an unbroken ranch from Canada to Mexico. He had restaurants, sports teams, an entire wrestling federation. AOL was the internet giant and he just bought that as well. He could just want something and it was his.

    That was just a few years ago and many people here have no idea who he is.

  2. What is the market demand for this? I can’t see the idea behind who this would appeal to or why it would be needed.

  3. It’s a niche. I got the oculus 2 last year. You know how many times anyone in the house has used it this year….zero.

  4. VR is still in its early stages, and yes it has its useful utilities, but the Metaverse vision of VR is just entirely wrong. No one wants to have creepy-AF avatars, and no one wants to spend more than 2 hours per day in VR.

    I’m thankful that Facebook is pouring billions into hardware technologies to push the VR headset space further, but I’m even more thankful that the money is just getting poured into the technology in general, and won’t actually come to fruition through a Metaverse revenue stream.

    Let VR be an enticing, unique, creative platform/technology for creators to tell stories, build, and analyze things, without the shackles of Facebook’s tracking systems and misinformation nightmare.

  5. “Putinesque”: yes, a man who had to pivot his company to avoid losing his entire net worth is equivalent to a man potentially ending all life on earth. Who the fuck is writing this garbage?

  6. Look, Zuck might be a robot alien thing and a weirdo.

    But Putin is so delusional he’s costing the lives of thousands and cities are being leveled as a result.

    Zuck is sinking millions (billions?) into a fake computer world.

    It’s not the same.


  7. >He seems to believe himself to be a social media visionary, but the problem is that he has only ever invented one thing

    Almost all non-inheritance billionaires are smart, in some respect or another, but smart doesn’t make you a billionaire, *luck does.*

    Smart makes you a millionaire. If Zuckerberg was born 10 years later, we probably wouldn’t know his name.

    But they don’t want to admit a system which makes them extraordinarily rich without being extraordinarily more talented than others.

    His approach to the metaverse was nothing like how he built Facebook. He didn’t invest billions from the start, he grew a platform over time with gradual investment and growth.

    He assumed because he created Facebook and became a billionaire that he had some special insight and could just do it again with the billions at his disposal.

  8. # The problem is the head sets.

    They are heavy, they are uncomfortable to use for extended period of time, they get super hot, and they cost a lot of money, and you need extra accessories to make the experience good.

    Also to use VR properly you need decent size play area, with trackers setup on the walls.

    The whole **metaverse** idea was dead before it started becouse no normal person can afford this let alone have the area to use it to make it fun.

    I don’t think **metaverse** is a bad idea, I think the headset should work on all VR games/programs no matter where you buy them from, that would be a true **metaverse, no single company should control it**, the technology to use it properly for what its made for its like 50 years away in my opinion.

    **What we have right now, its not it.**

  9. It does look like Meta/Zuckerberg don’t know how to build new things. But I’m pretty skeptical of the author’s allegation that VR itself is a dead end.

    The author points out that Meta’s done so poorly with it so far, but (as already discussed) Meta’s bad at making things.

    Her other main argument seems to be that people don’t want the Metaverse because it’s antisocial. But… the whole point of a VR world is to bring *more* of yourself into a virtual space, to make online life even more immersive. Millions of people love hanging out with friends playing games like Minecraft or Fortnite; isn’t VR strictly more social?

    There’s a reason sci-fi authors have been writing books about VR social worlds for decades. The ability to go anywhere, be anyone, in a world that you can share with your friends… sounds amazing!

    Now if only Meta’s take on that vision was any good…

  10. I hope I see that twat begging for dollars on a freeway on ramp by the time he figures out this shit isn’t going anywhere.

  11. Its basically the only thing they can do. ad revenue is going down, they are bleeding users to other platforms. They are banking on this because it will be a sure fail otherwise.

  12. This author strikes me as the type of guy that thinks he’s some business expert because he has $17K in his Robinhood.

  13. I laugh at Zuck’s failures and dislike the guy as much as anyone, but “Putinesque” seems a little overboard here…

  14. I can’t believe he put all his eggs in one basket. Enough with this Metaverse, go back to fixing Facebook & Facebook app. Cover your ground.

  15. Porn. Every single personal tech, chat lines, home computers, VCR, streaming video – all became widely popular and available due to porn. Your move Zuck.

  16. “Everything I don’t like is putinesque”

    What foken weak babies. He’s trying to make augmenting reality for video calls, not invading countries, you backwards karens.