Zelenskyy calls on Russians to ‘protest’ and ‘fight back’…

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Zelenskyy calls on Russians to ‘protest’ and ‘fight back’ against Putin’s draft if they ‘want to survive’

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  1. Get Navalny’s people to give you a list of the entire government/military apparatus. Get the home addresses of all of them and then start spamming it to all 300k draftees with the message “this is who you need to kill to avoid dying.

  2. They don’t need to protest. They can just run away to the hinterlands in their own country. Or national strike. No confrontations needed. Just disappear.

  3. Make putin disappear in a traditional russian coup, with Swan Lake playing 24/7 on all russian propaganda outlets? It would not help. Little putin is not the problem. He is just a symptom. Russia itself is the problem. It’s nature, character and political structures are rotten. It is founded on corruption, violence and vodka. Any peace made with russia will only be used by them to rearm and resupply. The foundations of russia itself are the problem, and that will not change. Can it be changed? How?

  4. I already see these exact phrasing being turned against Zelensky in Russian media unfortunately. Fox News using the same spliced-speech-to-make-the-hero-into-the-villain tactic.

  5. Maybe the west should flood Russian partisans with small arms, ammo and explosives so they can at least fight back. I imagine it’s difficult to be an effective resistance when only one side of the conflict has a gun constantly to the head of the other. Putin’s national guard and police force are just a bunch of poorly trained thugs and I can’t imagine them putting up a good fight if the stakes are equaled out a little bit. A lotof these disgruntled former soldiers probably don’t want to die for Putin’s terrorist attacks in Ukraine and have an ax to grind against the current regime if they get called up to be cannon fodder.

  6. Why are Russians leaving their country, aren’t they glad to be defending their country from the corrupt west?

  7. They will do neither. The protests are cowards in a panic. Cowards without courage. Decades of willing enslavement by their masters have resulted in a “natural selection” of pure cowardly cucks. They will never achieve their own Revolution of Diginity. Now they “protest” because the war finally effects them. Now that they are in danger. Where were the protests when their fellow countrymen from poor parts of ruZZia were being sent in the tens of thousands to the slaughter house. They do not protest for values. Not for principles and ideas. Solely to save themselves. Not to save each other. They will finally get what they have been desiring for decades. Their choice of enslavement over self governance. Their masters will decide their final fate. Like pigs to a slaughter. GET REKT ruZZians. Hold your 200 with pride. Your Lada and sunflower are waiting for you.