1. >Zelenskiy said his five non-negotiable conditions for peace included punishment for Russian aggression, restoration of Ukraine’s security, and territorial integrity and security guarantees.
    >”…This is the first item of our peace formula. Comprehensive item. Punishment,” Zelenskiy, wearing his trademark khaki tee shirt, told the assembly.
    >”Punishment for the crime of aggression. Punishment for violation of borders and territorial integrity. Punishment that must be in place until the internationally recognized border is restored.”

  2. Punishment for the crime of aggression, violation of borders and territorial integrity.

  3. I hope that they will pay the justice they owe to the Ukrainian people.

  4. There will be a film made by that name one day.

  5. Actual justice would be a nuclear attack on Moscow. Russia didn’t learn from the genocide in WWII or from Heroshima and Nagasaki.

  6. Maybe he doesn’t want any restorative payments or other such compensations for Ukraine. He wants to cash it ALL in in the form of punishment!

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