1. Hey boss, I’m peeing brown.

  2. “Notify supervisor” that killed me lmao. I imagine taking a picture of it to show him lol

  3. *Notifies boss

    Boss: “Shit man, that’s rough. No get the fuck back to work, and take this time out of your break.”

  4. Am I colorblind or is 2B the same as 1C?

  5. “Excalibur Rental Inc.” (top right)

    Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of urine evaluation.

  6. What if you take b-vits and it always looks like you dumped a yellow highlighter into the toilet?

  7. Does this account for the pee being diluted in the toilet bowl*?

  8. It’s also a flavor guide like the ones you used to get from Jelly Belly

  9. I was bottom right when I had strep throat. It hurt so bad to swallow anything I basically drank as little as humanly possible while taking antibiotics. My piss was straight brown it was freaky af.

  10. If you don’t follow this, urine trouble!

  11. Yeah, the bottom right one is either rhabdomyolitis or hematuria.

  12. “Hey boss, come check out my pee!”

  13. One of the “showing dehydration” is light and now I’m alp confused. Thanks supervisors.

  14. And if your urine is red and yellow and brown (and you are in pain), you may have suffered an infarction.

    Or is House MD too obscure a reference at this point?

  15. I like to hold the card next to my urine stream to see my hydration level.

  16. Worst Sherwin Williams display ever

  17. Studies show that urine color isn’t a reliable signal of dehydration.

    (One example reason why, is that your body can actually _conserve water_ by filtering out less of it, which results in darker pee but is actually a sign of strong healthy kidneys).

    The best signal is, as always, simply thirst.

  18. I’m nicely hydrated

  19. I showed one of these charts to my brother I’m law that did a few tours in Afghanistan. He chuckled and said they had those on the latrines when he was deployed, but no one paid them any attention as they considered any color at all a reason to drink more water.

  20. We had similar guide posted above the urinals where I work ( USPS ). It had a little more specific info about what to do, how much water to drink, depending on what activity you were doing.

  21. Hey Boss… I can’t work anymore today..

    BOSS: Why Not!!!

    Me : Pees on the bosses shoes.

  22. Unless you take vitamins then half the day it’s yellow anyways.

  23. r/crappydesign

    Bro, the 2nd and 3rd look the same in a toilet. Even more confusingly, they inverted them

    So basically the favorable end of “nice job” looks exactly like the bad end of “needs work”

  24. Except that urine color saturation in most cases isn’t a good indicator of hydration.

  25. Love being a hydro homie 🌊🌊

  26. Have these at the mine I work at to bad your underground nowhere near a urinal and its so dark you could never determine the colour of your piss

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