1. The whole world has become a filter to push money up to the 1% and make sure it stays there.

    Rents are obscenely high, and now the hedge funds and Jeff Bezo’s of the world and buying up all cheep housing, and turning it into expensive rents.

    An entire generation will never be able to afford to buy a home, and they will be wage slaves for the rest of there lives, and each year prices will continue to ratchet up, while wages are kept low, specifically so the Ultra wealthy can have it all.

    Did you know, that right now, there are so many orders for “Support yachts”, that’s the yacht that follows along behind your main yacht and carries all your toys, there are so many orders that supply can’t keep up with demand. There is a two year waiting list, because the ultra wealthy have literally ran out of things to buy, they have to spend it on bullshit like this.

    Meanwhile, your struggling mother of three is working two jobs, and can’t afford food, rent, or heat in most parts of the industrialized word.

    The level of wealth inequality right now is fucking of the charts.

  2. And they wonder why birth rates are down and people don’t want to work. What’s the point?

  3. It’s world-wide, too. It’s on purpose.

  4. They don’t care. It’s a feature, not a bug of the system.

  5. That’s the point. It’s not a mistake the prices are that high

  6. I’m a service tech and I go to different people’s houses every day. It really upsets me to see some of the trashiest, filthiest people who let their homes and yards go to complete shit. I think to myself, if I was given this home I would take such good care of it.

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