1. Down special seems to be most likely, since they’re on a platform, bide side and up specials aren’t far behind, neutral special has little to no effect on dk so it won’t be useful, and there IS NO WAY Zelda is allowed to do ANYTHING else, if you say so, you’re lying

  2. Seeing as DK has no quick burst option or projectile, it’s definitely 🔹 – Down special

  3. If not elite smash, up special

    If elite smash, down special

  4. Is this King of Skill vs. Capitalized First Name the WiFi Zelda

  5. Source: King of Skill [Donky Kong makes me TOXIC](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBANXblFwnQ)

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    ToxplaysTerryinsmash October 1, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    I’m gonna say ∆ on this one

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    TheOtherWhiteCastle October 1, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    Zelda main here. In this scenario, my immediate assumption is that my opponent is too stupid to jump or drop below their starting platform, so thus I instinctively use a down B to try and get an early Phantom hit. When that inevitably fails, I use a neutral B to knock him back a half foot, then quickly do a forward arial that doesn’t even come close to connecting. I then expertly go for a shield to make it easier for him to grab and throw me, then finish it off with an up B in the wrong direction and self destruct.

  8. down or up special seems most likely cause dinn’s fire sucks, but I wouldn’t put it past a wifi zelda to neutral B against donkey kong, my favorite projectile heavy zoner

  9. Let’s turn the tables!
    What’ll Dk immediately do ?
    1. Charge neutral special
    2. Run Dash Attack
    3. Run Dash Grab
    4. One of the above chosen randomly

  10. At least give credit to King of Skill on Youtube. This was his edit from today’s video. Also the answer is A.

  11. Yo does anyone else ever use up special, but like stay in place to bait out reads

  12. Yes these are the only four options the entire game for some online Zeldas

  13. fifth option: run left -> fair -> neutral-b

  14. Imagine stealing this from someone’s YouTube video

  15. E) All of the above

  16. I’ve seen the video like an hour ago

  17. Red. Cause she thinks DK is brain dead.

  18. Since I already saw the video I’ll say up special

  19. I saw the video so >!up b!<

  20. It was up b, this is stolen from King of Skill’s latest video.

  21. This os taken from King of Skill’s DK video. Please give proper credit dude

  22. This was from KingOfSkill’s new video, Zelda goes for up special

  23. Zelda players have no brain so I think Up B for some reason that doesn’t make sense

  24. If the Zelda were right next to them it would be obvious but it could be a few things here

  25. As a former Zelda main, the answer is down special.

  26. Imma say dins fire just in the account that it’s DK

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    CylindricalGarlic298 October 1, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    Right off game start is Up special lol. After it will be side special on ledge, neutral special when trapped in a string of attacks, and down special spam in general.

  28. I raise you, F-air

  29. Up special but stay in place to play mind games.

  30. Down or Side imo, up is too committal and neutral will accomplish nothing

  31. Side special probably, because of big blast radius and big monke hurtbox, but down special also makes sense

  32. Side special,

    but I’d probably neutral special for no reason tbh

  33. Down or Side

    She would probably spam Neutral B afterwards

  34. Side Special

  35. A fun thing to do is up special diagonally down and forward, expecting to catch their drop through platform.

  36. Judging from Zelda’s I’ve played online neutral special

  37. DK’s already gonna want to rush. Do a Side Special to bait the rush further, but detonate it immediately beside you so they’re right there when it hits. Then side air.

  38. **Do it again**

  39. Platform drop and down special. Gives her time to see what the DK will do and can release phantom early if she needs to reposition, or she can keep charging which means the phantom will cover a wide area, including the platform DK is standing on and below ;D

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