xQc refuses to come to terms with the ironic situation…

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xQc refuses to come to terms with the ironic situation presented by dono

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  1. i just find it funny that xqc gets the lsf hasan treatment for 2 weeks and is going insane, meanwhile on his chat he has let the commie/sjw/hahaasan run for 2 years

  2. For those who coudln’t hear the dono:

    “”So yesterday when Hasan saw a vague tweet about something and didn’t know the context too you yelled at him for it. But now you do the same thing and are being gaslit, ok dude :)””

  3. Can you imagine how pissed train is that gambling got banned even when he had to use his blackmail material? Now to add to that people are figuring out train and slick are actually the same person.

  4. It is actually wild how xQc doesn’t see how hypocritical he is being. I’m glad his chat recognizes and is giving him a hard time.

  5. Regardless of the gaslighting, if a bunch of people are telling you your friend is a scam artist and sexually harassed someone do you not have a responsibility to investigate those claims?

    It seems super weird to just say, “I don’t know anything about that.” Then continue to game after spending the last 48 hours on stream with the bloke being accused.

  6. Fuck it. Take it to an official court of law using the current arguments and logic against both sides have, stream it, suffer the judge’s decision, and let LSF enjoy. I still have an appetite after several weeks of binging.

  7. Maybe its just me being confused but wasn’t xqc’s point from yesterday, and the one Train and Adrianah pushed forward was that you shouldn’t say anything about these scandals if you don’t know anything? His whole crusade against Hasan was him dismissing the scandal when he should have said nothing about it. Regardless of whether Hasan had actually done that or not, isn’t xqc being consistent with his belief? What am I missing here?

  8. I feel like x and train were pretty stupid and didn’t explain this properly yesterday. It’s very obvious that what they took issue with in Hasan and Poki’s response was the dismissive/slightly snarky way they reacted to Train being the one to drop the statement but they didn’t really convey that properly and just kinda made a blanket accusation that they were dismissive towards the accusation as a whole. Probably because they know that Hasan and Poki would never ever apologize to being snarky towards Train.

    He’s being stupid but I personally don’t feel like I can call him a hypocrite on this one cause it’s pretty obvious the reason he went so hard on Hasan and Poki was because they acted a little snarky. If he made some dismissive comment about Alinty then I would feel differently. Just my two cents