xQc on LSF clipping his narrative about trains crypto scam a…

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xQc on LSF clipping his narrative about trains crypto scam and turning it into a bad light

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  1. Man, I’m gonna be honest. There’s been so many SA stories on twitch that I totally forgot about Train and Alinity.

  2. x deadass at the start of last stream said “[in response to chat] oh, he didn’t downplay it? did he really investigate? did he really inquire into the situation?” in reference to hasans initial reaction to trains tweet. isn’t he doing the same here? not investigating or inquiring?

  3. Didn’t just a couple days ago he read a comment on lsf saying “was hasan at that party when it happened” and instead of reading the next comment that said “he was not” he scrolled past and then said “Hmm, I wonder?”

  4. My brain is like fried from all this, isn’t this what he was shitting on Hasan and Pokimane for like yesterday

  5. Spoiler alert: he will not learn about this situation and ~~fain~~ feign ignorance till the end of times. The only reason he got involved in the previous case is his personal vendetta against mizkif and wanting to take the heat off gambling.

    He will attention starve accusations against train because they do not fit his narrative.

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  6. Hey dude, maybe you should fucking look into it. Sure, don’t comment about it before you know. But if someone is actively telling you about it maybe go have a fuckin peek.

  7. I seriously don’t know if xqc is trolling or not at this point.

    I’ve been watching him go through LSF and trying to defend himself with his own logic and arguments, but it’s like he just tosses whatever he can at the board and if something sticks, he just rolls with it.

  8. If that’s what should happen everyone would have said they know nothing about Slick’s allegations then never mentioned it again. It’s a bs bad faith argument. Not talking about stuff you don’t know about isn’t permission to bury your head in the sand like it doesn’t exist.

  9. the problem here is he said that he was disgusted talking to miz when he knew what he did and it was always on his head, but apparently ok when train do it.

  10. How do people watch him? Seriously. The amount incoherent nonsense that flows from this guys mouth is absolutely ridiculous.

  11. xQc getting mad that LSF is mad at him for asking about what Train did and not commenting on it when that’s what xQc and train were mad at Poki and Hasan is so fucking rich.

  12. Classic X, public opinion isn’t in his favor because people are using common sense? Surely it’s everyone else thats shameful and disgusting. He’s so taken aback by people calling out his hypocrisy it’s pretty comical

  13. What the hell? People are holding me to the same standards I hold others too? What’s wrong with all of you!

  14. XQC confirmed a dirty hypocrite. Defending Train without looking at the evidence, while attacking Hasan when the burden of proof is on X (and Train), is just further proof that X is a dirty, dirty, dirty hypocrite. Him and Train need to get dragged through the mud. They shouldn’t be getting this much clout on any platform at this point. I used to like X but I’m gung-ho to see him fall flat, bro.