xQc disputes Hasan’s claim that he is “forced” to run ads…

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xQc disputes Hasan’s claim that he is “forced” to run ads due to his contract

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  1. Didn’t Ludwig literally laugh at Hasan’s contract when the leak happened because he cucked his ad revenue by negotiating a lower ad density, but Twitch still fucked him later with the updated pre-roll policies lol

  2. Under his contract he has to run ads, that’s not a lie.

    He wasn’t forced to sign a contract, which I don’t know if he’s ever said that.

  3. if i remember the contracts correctly, hasan got it good with ad density while xqc with bad timing for his renewal was not able to get the same deal. Not taking the contract would defer to twitch’s regular high ad density.

  4. Unrelated, is this the longest streak of back to back Destiny clips posted on here or have I just not been paying attention?

  5. Hasan said he negotiated a contract with low ad density at the cost of a shittier ad revenue split for him. Sure, he could have just not take a contract and not run ads himself, but Twitch would then just auto-run ads on his channel anyway…

    Not sure why they have a problem with that.

  6. Unless there is an absolute no ads scenario for a channel then I’m not liking this framing.

    When I watch some very small streamers like music streamers they get ads played in between, they’re not even partnered I think so while I don’t know how ads work I do feel every channel has ads playing.

    Now the question isn’t can Hasan do better and if he can but chooses not to then yea valid criticism that he isn’t going the absolute best he can but as far as I see there’s only two people on the platform that has shown they give a fuck about the viewer experience.

    – BoxBox during Rust arc which is when I watched had 3 minutes of ads like everyone. He would sit there doing nothing because he said every time he doesn’t want the non-subs missing out on content.
    – Hasan does 1 minute of ads each hour while still doing content he reduced the time we’re missing content

    These two mother fuckers at least show they thought about and acted on how ads are run on their channel because they care about the fucking viewer experience.

    To hear someone like xQc talk about this shit like bitch he gives no fucks, he and everyone else gives no fucks. I’m name dropping Austin, QT, Shroud, Summit and all these people don’t give a fuck about it. They don’t even put a mild effort into the most basic thing which is manually running the ads so you know when it’s coming.

    At least some streamers maybe more than Hasan and BoxBox is doing their best to improve the viewer experience.

    So think about that.

    I watch xQc mother fucker lets ads run wild, gives no fucks.

  7. Since the last thread was deleted: This will go against the Hasan hate circlejerk: Hasan is already making less than 50/50 because he runs the least amount of ads on Twitch for a streamer his size. A little snakey of xQc though since he called a ceasefire yesterday to now start shit again.

  8. They are trying to make the point that he didn’t need to sign the contract but forgetting the fact that ads would run automatically and more of them if he didn’t sign the good contract he did. The whole point is to reduce ads to create a better experience for the viewer.

  9. ??? XQC doesn’t know shit about Hasan’s contract.

    Destiny is so fake, he just goes back and forth and his minions keep posting here farming clips and keeping this old news drama going

  10. There are other streamers that ended up with the exact same deal that Hasan has and I never see someone like Hafu get brought up. Ads on her channel were so bad I actually stopped watching her at the peak of Among Us

  11. Hasan literally runs the least ads of almost any major streamer on the platform. It’s only 1 min/hour. Most top streamers are closer to 3 mins/hour, some over that.

    People just think that Hasan runs a lot of ads because he announces when he does and runs them at hourly intervals rather than leaving it up to the automated system to run them whenever it decides to.

  12. Lol. How insane is it that they’re attacking him for managing his ads to keep them low when XQC runs like 7 minutes of ads an hour? Again, they’re deflecting on Hasan. These guys are obsessed with him at this point. It’s just a Hasan grievance podcast. I almost feel bad for them.

  13. You Destiny Minions are more annoying than those Andrew Tate TikTok accounts. Stop posting every 30sec of the stream ffs