xQc Blaming Hasan Again

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xQc Blaming Hasan Again

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332 shares, 815 points


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  1. hasan also didn’t say anything about the delivery method or the “actor”, that was all you being as paranoid and as uncharitable as possible

  2. How dare Hasan investigate the accusation, have Adriana on his stream, and say Train did the right thing?! What a snake. Hasanbad right guys?

  3. Xqc got clapped on stream in front of 200 +thousand people watched him eat his words and won’t take accountability at all as usual

  4. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that Hasan paid X to be a WWE style heel just so Hasan can get some positive interactions on this subreddit. He keeps digging himself deeper every time he opens his mouth at this point.

  5. At this point he is just a schizo and can’t let shit go, most people would just let it slide and not give a shit about it, but his ego is so fragile that he decided to make a huge big deal about it

    Normal people would of just ignore it and moved on

  6. lil bro is just salty Hasan and Poki won the Crypto Gamba War, he is losing out on at least $2m profit a month, he can’t exactly say it without looking like a loser, so the sh1t slinging will just continue for the next few months.

  7. Not to be parasocial Andy but this is just sad considering Hasan was asking xqc about twitch con meaning he probably wanted to shake his hand or smth (after X apologized)

    Can you imagine how it feels for someone you considered a friend to suddenly start attacking you for no reason?
    And people wonder why hasan is so against gambling when you can see first hand that X is destroying all the relationship he has BC he can’t realize they’re trying to help him