Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel dies at 70

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Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel dies at 70

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  1. What?!?!? Oh no!!!!!!

    Mantel was one of the best prose writers in the English language. Never boring, cutting, concise with an element of the gothic and the esoteric

    The Wolf Hall trilogy is her magnum opus, but my favourite of hers is Beyond Black, the early millennium piece of a medium and her business partner working in and around the M25 and the secrets they have from childhood. It’s so well done and a perfect capture of turn-of-the-millennium Britain.

    Also her autobiography, Giving Up the Ghost, is a brilliant unsparing read of her childhood and illnesses.

    Her essays are also very good, her essay on Kate Middleton and the Royal Family [here](https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v35/n04/hilary-mantel/royal-bodies) is exceptional.


  2. God and only 70. The world she created in the Wolf Hall trilogy was so layered and deep it just blows my mind that anyone could even write one chapter like that, never mind the guts of 1600 pages. An absolute freak genius of a person. RIP Hilary thanks for the worlds you created, say hello to Cremuel for me x.

  3. I don’t think I was ever so excited about the publication of a novel as I was with *Bring Up the Bodies*. Stood outside the bookstore until they opened, went home and read until I finished. And it was even better than I’d hoped!

    Very sad news.

  4. Really sad.

    But I am happy that she was able to write The mirror and the light.

    It felt like she was a good friend of Cromwell and being able to rehabilitate his reign as lord councilor and giving him a personal side while writing masterfuly is a good bookend for her career.

  5. This is so sad!

    She’s one of my favourite authors. It took a while to get into Wolf Hall (also because of language, English isn’t my first language) and when I did, I dived head-first into the wonderful world she brought alive.

    I didn’t agree with everything she said but nonetheless this is upsetting news

  6. I only just read Wolf Hall for the first time earlier this year and loved it! Bought the remaining books in the trilogy. I’ve never read a book with her prose before and it really stood out. So very clever

  7. That’s crazy. Never read her but growing up in the UK she’s always seemed one of the imperishable icons of contemporary British writing.

  8. I’m absolutely crushed by this.

    She was such a brilliant voice and I will miss her dearly.

    Her prose stood alone and above most writers. A shocking loss.

  9. Oh no, that’s so sad! I loved her books, the Wolf Hall trilogy is exceptional and every time I reread it I learn something new. Her prose was gorgeous and she built a whole world within the pages. I just can’t believe it!

    May her soul be at peace 🙏🏻

  10. I absolutely devoured the Wolf Hall trilogy a few summers ago. And while those are incredible and rightfully getting more attention, I’ll always love A Place of Greater Safety. What a talent we’ve lost.

  11. I hadn’t even realised she was 70. I remember seeing an interview with her a few years back, I would have guessed her to be in her 40s?

    That is sad news, I hope she rests in peace. It’s sad to realise there will be be new books by her to look forward to.

  12. Lots of love for Wolf Hall, which I do love, but I’d say A Place of Greater Safety is one of the more prescient works for the modern age. Much about the French Revolution mirrors the modern moment.

  13. Absolutely loved the Wolf Hall trilogy. Enough that I have first edition signed copies of each. She seemed young, the literary world lost a big talent.

  14. Aww fuck, that sucks man I loved her books and she seemed like such a sweet, kindhearted individual from the interviews I’ve read. At such a young age too.

  15. She was on BBC4 a few years back, giving a lecture. Listening to her speak was a joy. She was really amusing, and so, so intelligent.

  16. I just started *Beyond Black* as my Halloween read this year. Sad to hear it, glad to know so many people like her work and that book in particular.

  17. Can anyone tell me what the Wolf Hall trilogy is like and what it’s about? Is it similar to George R. R. Martin’s *A Song of Ice and Fire*?

  18. What sad news for literature! But the body of work she left behind is astoundingly rich and surely deathless.

    I had rejected her writing after hurling myself at *The Giant, O’Brien.* But then I came across a used copy of *Wolf Hall* after having seen the BBC dramatization. As a lifetime reader, I figured I’d better try it if I considered myself any kind of a reader at all. I was completely stunned by it from the very first pages. It is astounding, a towering work whose sequels lived up to it.

    It’s hard to imagine how a person who physically suffered through so much of her life managed to produce the excellent work she created. She must have known she had treasure to share with the world.

  19. I love the Wolf Hall trilogy and really enjoyed her writing style. I think I’ve watched everything featuring her available on YouTube. Intelligent and fascinating woman. Hilary, you will be missed.

  20. I am a big french revolution nerd and I picked up her book A Place of Greater Safety a few years back. It became one of my favorite books of all time. Then today I see her name in the headlines. I never knew she was a popular author. I just loved that book. What a shame, RIP to a great woman!