With a total of 80 votes, Gilbert has been eliminated! Who…

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+140 – With a total of 80 votes, Gilbert has been eliminated! Who will be eliminated next? Voting for round two will now be conducted via strawpoll

2022-08-05 20:02:59

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. I’m betting Ferdinand or Marianne will win this.

    I’m not even going to bother to participate; I know Leonie, Ingrid, etc aren’t standing a chance.

  2. Wow the Cyril hate on here 😭😢 I get why ppl don’t like him. Yet, I think he can work really well as a unit (including on maddening) + post timeskip he is quite hot ++ his supports w Lysithea are cute.

    I shall vote for Catherine.

  3. Dude literally everyone knows it’s going to end with Gatekeeper as #1 so just remove him now with a gold cross or something

  4. These sorts of things can lead to a fun period of activity on the subs that feature them, but by the end, there are a lot of aggressively angry people getting super defensive about their favorite characters.

  5. Why do we need one of these styles of posts every month or two? The results are always generally the same, and even if you wanted to know who is most popular CYL will always be a better source, and if you REALLY want to know who is the least hated just run a single poll where people vote for their most disliked characters.

  6. Arval!

    I see votes for Cyril, and even I’m not a big fan of the kid, but at least he doesn’t spend 60% of his screen time with amnesia being his most significant personality trait.

  7. Everyone shitting on Cyril. At least cyril is a really good unit. But Lorenz. Lorenz is annoying as fuck, and is a bad unit. Also where’s the strawpoll?