Why Are Murder Mysteries So Hot Right Now?

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Why Are Murder Mysteries So Hot Right Now?

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  1. I think its because you normally get a feeling of justice being served at the end when they finally catch the killer/solve the crime.

    There is sadly not a lot of that sentiment floating around in the real world nowadays.

  2. Procedurals and whodunits are always huge on TV but the film whodunit seems to be having a surge and the answer is simply Knives Out.

  3. I think because they present a puzzle that gets solved. We live in a world of incomprehensible complexity and deception. Murder mysteries show us a cruelty and then solve it for us, leaving us feel like we have an answer to something as we walk back into a corrupt world.

  4. Murder Mysteries are always good. Hopefully this will spawn a new episodic murder mystery series. I can only rewatch Murder, She Wrote so many times in a row.

  5. Weird, my nana watched Columbo and Matlock all the time when she was around.

    Also, when I was a kid, my mom would watch Poirot and Murder, She Wrote all the time.

    I always just assumed it’s because *murder mysteries have always been wicked popular* but now I’m realizing I’m related to a bunch of trend setters

  6. Because Knives Out made a ton of money in 2019. It’s the same reason why there are so many farming sim games right now, because Animal Crossing made a ton of money in 2020. Production timelines mean trends take about 2 – 3 years to catch up most of the time. In another 2 – 3 years, I’m sure we’ll see a bunch of movies trying to be like Top Gun: Maverick and a bunch of games trying to be like Elden Ring.

  7. True Crime is not a murder mystery. Murder mysteries are carefully styled puzzles and have nothing to do with the sordid reality of actual homocides that are either committed senselessly or that never get solved or both. The successful fictional detective restores faith in the moral arc of the universe.

    ‘The good ended happily and the bad unhappily; that is what fiction means.’

    Oscar Wilde.

    Plus they require strong, tight, structured writing with no gaping hopes and usually vivid characterizations.

  8. When something breaks out in Hollywood, everyone is gonna want a piece of that. Same reason why so many cinematic universes were attempted after the MCU blew up, so many space-based films after Star Wars came out, now all these murder mystery films post-Knives Out.

  9. Everything moves in cycles, in both TV and Movies. All it takes is a flash of genius to produce something wonderful that makes money and the whole industry falls on it like Vultures. After a few years, the genre peters out and the next flash of brilliance provides a whole new industry. I’m an old fart, so in my movie going life, I stopped watching individual movies in the 70’s and began being fed ‘variations on a theme’:

    Jaws started the ‘beast you can’t stop’ stories (reignited in the 90’s with Jurassic Park), Star Wars launched Sci-Fi, Ferris Buehler; teen, high school comedies, Batman – Super Heroes, Interview with the Vampires; the undead, zombie and ‘alt. life’ movies, et al.

  10. They’re hot because they’re good movies. Plus, Knives Out was fuckin awesome

    Yes, Orient Express and El Royale came first, but Knives Out really exploded in popularity.

  11. Today in articles funded by the Knives Out marketing team: we question why the popular thing is popular, could it be that it has been popular since the very inception of motion pictures? Perhaps but instead let’s think about Knives Out 2, coming soon to a streaming platform near you.

  12. Right now it’s cause we already know how everything goes, and a little mystery is a great break from monotony.

    Marvel has a movie: Three part happy/sad/happybutsad triumphal explosion with no blood and no building left unscathed.

    Disney has a movie: It’s a remake and you already know it by heart.

  13. Because they are the anti-superhero genre. The plot has to make sense, the ending non-obvious, the characterization has to make sense, and the acting has to be on point for each character, good and bad.

  14. Because we’ve been saturated by big special effects driven franchises and audiences are craving for the smaller character driven stories that used to get made a lot. I’m a big fan of eye candy and I love sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies, but their popularity has caused the big studios stop making the kind of dramas that used to be so prevelant awhile back.

  15. Because Mystery movies are the only modern genre where studios HAVE to make good movies.

    By definition mystery movies *have* to make sense. The studio can only cut so many corners on the story when it’s a whodoneit , because the mystery plot is the whole reason it draws audiences. A weaksauce Star Wars film will still sell tickets. A weak mystery movie? Nope.

  16. IMO they have always been good but I think people really like trying to solve it for themselves. Like if you can figure it out before the ending I think people feel good about themselves