White nationalist Nick Fuentes, failed GOP candidate Laura…

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White nationalist Nick Fuentes, failed GOP candidate Laura Loomer and Ali Alexander of Stop the Steal are discouraging their fans from voting as a rebuke to the GOP

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. Exactly…if the gop won’t listen to you….take away your support. Don’t give them the satisfaction of voting.

    This strategy should go national

  2. “The libs want everyone to vote! So we’re asking all of you to stay home on Nov. 8 to show them that we’re not going to be their puppets!”

    That’ll show us damn lefties.

  3. How much more proof is needed for their “followers” to realize that they don’t have calculated plans….they just want everything THEIR way…….these gas bags have a lot in common with your average spoiled kindergartner.

  4. Lol not even going to look up the name Ali Alexander.

    I know enough about the other 2 to know that if you’re named in a sentence with them that you’re also going to be a piece of bantha poodoo.

    My ‘Right wing crazy person encyclopedia’ shelf is full of books already.