which one are you guys getting?

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  1. Since they’re already being this ridiculous they should have just labeled them all “4090” with the top one being the “4090ti”

  2. Not buying anything PC related until I have to anymore. Cpus, gpus, ram, psu, nothing. And when I do it probably won’t be this joker of a company.

    It’s not about cash either, that’s whatever. Even the lowly, miniscule act of opening the side of my PC case to put a new card in isn’t worth the one extra sun ray that’s gonna bounce of a puddle at 15FPS.

    If you wanna use your 40XX without bottlenecks enjoy getting a new cpu too. Which probably means a new mobo too. Which probably means a new power supply. Eh fuck it throw in a new case too. Now do it again next year.


  3. Nah Nvidia can go fuck themselves. AMD hasn’t burned their partners or their customers. I’ve got an EVGA 3080 TI and I’ll stick with it for at least another generation or until AMD comes and smokes the shit out of Nvidia.

  4. I have a 3090 king pin but i think im gonna sell it and get a 4080 4gb i mean did u see those performance numbers???


  5. AMD, because I just can’t give nvidia another dime. I honestly don’t even care about the performance king if they are going to treat their partners and customers the way they have been doing.