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  1. Linus has to sit down with his top execs and really map out the company’s future. His mindset about his merch is still at the youtuber side hustle level but his actions and investment is on the spinoff company level. Fans and consumers see the latter and make their expectations correspondingly higher. My take is he should spin off the merch division into a proper business with proper support and warranty. Hire people from the fashion and retail business to run it.

  2. Maybe I’m spoiled being in Australia but if you are a business selling items they have to be of “Merchantable quality” which provides us with a basic level warranty on everything.

    Now given the international nature of the business actually forcing warranty claims would be impossible, but for the local purchasers can he really just say too bad if the product ends up being crap?

  3. He’s spent months if not years designing these things, testing them, talking with manufacturers, sending them for 3rd party testing and what not, so he has a basic idea of what works and what doesn’t. If so, then why can’t he provide a limited warranty based on what he knows works. It’s not as if we think that he’s scamming us, but a minimum legally bound protection is the bare minimum one can ask for when someone is spending $100 to $300 on a screwdriver and a bag. People are bypassing well established and respected brands to support a community of enthusiasts and the direction in which the company is going by buying this stuff. He’s bound to throw some of that trust back or otherwise it’s just a stinky cash grab.

    How he’s going with this, he can literally make a cheaper backpack one day, sell it for the same price. And when that thing fails he can just say that this is how it is now, a guarantee provides protection against that shit. And it’s not an impossibility that one day if he’s running low on cash that he may pull this shit.

    Dude I’ve seen small family stores offering guarantees on the stuff they sell. As a proper business raking in millions he has to do it, and the more he isn’t he’s making himself look worse.

  4. No one is talking about the fake 5 star review for the mouse pad.
    And not even 1 month of warranty.
    Many other brands Offer 1 to 3 years lol.

  5. I imagine Linus will be having a meeting this week with his finance and executive teams this week and hopefully they decide to back track on this. I imagine outside of the WAN show faithful this is a deal breaker on a product this pricey, it would be for me guaranteed

    Maybe I’m spoiled in the UK where everything that isn’t highly perishable or shit tier products has some form of warranty, normally 2 years

  6. I didn’t realize you’ve been spamming the sub until now. Congrats on sucking me in on the the last thread.

  7. Nexus is science, LTT is influencer junk.
    I stay for the occasional good article but there is less and less to stay for.

  8. GN toolkit did not have any warranty at launch, and was applied retroactively to all owners. LMG is still at this “at launch” stage and therefore stop needlessly causing shit.

  9. Commented before, going to say it again. IANAL, but:

    He said he didn’t want to “formalise” the warranty. That doesn’t mean there is no warranty on the items at all. AFAIK, every item that is sold has a certain amount of warranty, even if the warranty is ‘implied’ (according to Provincial and territorial sales laws in canada). While this would be subject to legal Interpretation, meaning you would need to sue LMG if they refuse to cover your warranty, this would have horrendous public backlash if they were to be sued.

    Yes, Linus put his foot in his mouth. He does that from time to time.

    Yes, a formalised warranty would be much better.

    But these comments make it sound much worse than it actually is.

  10. I don’t get any hype over this screwdriver. I don’t even understand why they’re bothering with making one as there are completely competent options at less than half the price.

    What’s the end goal here?

  11. Go Read the GN “warranty” it is specifically non-binding and solely at GN discretion on what they will or will not warranty.

  12. Hats off to the idiots who pay over 100 Canadian for a fucking screwdriver that u can get for under 20 bucks at the local Canadian Tire and have lifetime warranty… If you’re stupid enough to buy it then there is no hope for this world … Same goes for his overpriced backpack.

  13. Soooo it seems that Canada doesn’t have minimum warranty period. Wow. Here in Spain we have a 3 year warranty and manufacturers must have replacement parts for 10 years (no wonder he doesnt like the idea of having a distribution center in the EU lol). And the whole argument that warranties are just trust and that they don’t matter is incredibly stupid because if that were to be the case then it wouldn’t make a difference for him to offer a good warranty compared to just simply saying: trust me, we have been very good at post-sale service.

  14. I must say I am always impressed how consumer is number 1. Steve from Gamers Nexus has been. Respect!

  15. The only thing I think is weird about all of this is that he said “making backpacks is not our primary business” when selling these products (backpack, screwdriver, etc.) is literally the primary business of creator warehouse, the company that sells the backpack and screwdriver.


    Honestly he can say a lot about legal nightmares and so on, but if you think you are capable of selling a premium product for a premium price tag, you have to be capable of offering the very basics of what other business’ do.He specifically always goes on about how the backpack is supposed to be more than merch and stand as a product on it’s own and so I will judge it like that. And most other premium backpack brands, who sell products in this price range do offer warranty for 5 to 10 years.

  16. Honestly, it feels like LMG is running out of money. They’re throwing away their fan’s trust and reputation.

  17. They say they stand by their products, then give us a warranty to prove that you stand by them, we can’t take your non legally binding word when it breaks and i send in a support ticket after a while and they say, “sorry your order was too long ago we can’t do anything for you goodbye”.

    they can’t even define what too long ago would be so it could be 31 days or it could be a year and one day.

    we don’t know because he will not give us a warranty.

  18. I would feel bad for Linus. But he has basically turned LTT into an online store that produces some videos in their spare time so they probably should have considered that customers would want protections on ultra-premium products at some point.

    Stickers are one thing, but a £250 bag? Damn right people want protections

  19. They now have a warranty as of July 17th of this year. They launched this product around September 7th 2020.

  20. I said this in another thread and I’ll say it here. But now with this knowledge. These are small businesses. The fact that GN can offer a warranty is fantastic, but it’s only on one item (maybe more but it won’t detract from my point). LMG, GN, JTS and some others I trust, and until they give me a reason not to, I’ll risk a warranty. I understand not wanting to a minimum of $280 on something like a backpack. I will eventually get a back pack so I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is. After all, this is the company that Reached out to me unprompted about the defect in their early beanies. That’s a company I trust with my money.

  21. You need to Chill. This is your forth post on this subject and you already copy pasted dozens of comments. Obvious troll

  22. Jesus calm down, your 3rd post about the screwdrivers was already annoying enough. You’re obsessed

  23. You guys are the biggest crybabies I have ever seen, you wonder why nobody likes Reddit. One comment on a livestream has caused like 20 fucking posts about the same thing to stroke your fragile emotions.

  24. inb4 Linus and co turn around and give you guys moaning what you want, the products breaks after your warranty expires and you wont get a replacement because of it. Yet if you didn’t complain, without the warranty he would have replaced it ten years down the line.


    I’m heavily on the fence here don’t get me wrong. I see where both sides are coming from, but you are all pushing for this REAL hard at the minute and I can see it backfiring for many of us.

  25. This is extra funny to me because I recently watched a gamers Nexus video, realized that they upload their stuff in 4k60 and unsubbed to LTT for uploading in 4k30. I won’t ever sub to any tech YouTuber uploading in 30 FPS ever again. You’re God damn tech YouTubers, use the fucking tech you have!

    That wasn’t the only reason i unsubbed but it was the last straw. LTT quality took a nosedive these last few months, ever since Linus turned his house renovation into “content” (which, i assume, he does so he can call the whole thing a business expense and at the same time profit off of it by making lazy content out of it).

    When Linus announced the lab, i really got my hopes up that LTT will make some quality content. But with their current trajectory, I lost this faith and I won’t stick around to find out.

    And a few days after I unsub, Linus does this shit which shows me that there is nothing good to expect from LTT. It’s only going to get worse in every aspect from here on.

    You either die a hero….