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+1069 – There’s a song is timeless. Often Used in commercials, movies etc. it’s a rock song and and the lead singer in the beginning screams ALIBAHHHH HAHAHAHA(or something like that)…..what song is that ?

2022-08-06 15:10:06

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  1. Crying laughing right now. “ALIBAHHHH HAHAHAHA” is – and I mean this honestly – the best text impersonation of the beginning of Crazy Train I believe possible. Thank you OP, you just made my day.

  2. This is funnier that the other thread where OP was describing the song that went “dudududu dudududu dudududu dudududu du dudududu”

  3. I’ve never heard this used in commercials but Alibah is the best mishearing of “all aboard” I think I’ve ever heard

  4. Down with the sickness by disturbed? The beginning of the song goes ewwwwwwhahahahahaha ughh ughhh