What zero irises or eyelids does to a mf

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  1. I thought that said photosynthesis and was like oh so its only able ro photosynthesize at night?! but then i was like how the hell is a spider photosynthesizing through its eyes

  2. Btw, that panel of Sonic saying “Ok well that’s stupid” is in response to Shadow saying that, during his time in Time Jail, he would break all of his bones to keep himself occupied, and each time they healed they came back thicker and stronger, and they healed faster and faster, and eventually over like a million years he became completely stiff because he had so much bone, and he spent like another million years exerting himself until he managed to break them all so he could move again, but they healed instantly, so he kept training himself to break them faster, and now every time he takes a step all of his bones are being obliterated and then instantly reformed millions of times within a fraction of a second, and that’s how he moves now

    and sonic was like “but it just looks like you’re walking”

    and shadow said “yeah”

    and sonic said “ok well that’s stupid”