What mental illness is at play here?

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What mental illness is at play here? from CrazyFuckingVideos

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  1. I can’t tell if he’s having a mental breakdown or is just mentally ill. That much stress can drive people insane. I honestly feel for the guy.

  2. When I had a mental breakdown due to the stresses at work. I just went quiet. My body sunk into my chair. I didn’t hear anything. It was just me. People were around me. But it was just me, no thoughts and my eyes were fixated on a dirty mark on the floor. It was the most peaceful I felt at work in a long time. I made a mistake by not getting help and tried to tough it through. Had another breakdown but that time it was full on tears and the feeling of your best not being good enough. The radiologists were like family so one pulled me into his office and asked “not good enough for who?” I couldn’t answer him. He told me I was way too hard on myself. I got out the job. Quitting it was the best thing I’ve could have done.

    I wish someone would have asked this gentleman a simple straightforward question. “What’s wrong? Maybe I can help”. I know that helped me when I had lost it.

  3. This is me when my computer went completely blue and green for a final essay that was about 25 pages long I had been working on nearly all semester that as I recall, was like 60% of my total grade. Which having one thing be the reflection of an entire class is just insanity.

  4. It’s just a broken man, he can’t take it anymore. I’ve been there, mental breakdowns aren’t fun at all. Therapy….lots of therapy.

    It’s like a lightswitch, for me at least. It builds and builds and you think “I’m handling this well” then you run into problems….you can’t print something you need for a meeting, your wife wouldn’t say I love you that morning and you needed to hear it, your car wouldn’t start, your alarm didn’t wake you up…. these little things, on top of the stress of being an adult and the next thing you know…. you just want to scream, rip off your clothes and run naked in the street, in my case I went crazy and started asking random strangers…literally yelling at them for drugs and for someone to shoot me. You stare around and realize how trapped you are in this cycle of negativity and you finally rebel against your own brain.

    Suddenly, that calm and collectiveness that you proudly hold on to. That stoicism you’ve been practicing on the daily basis- it just falls away like it was never there….and you are truly broken. Utterly destroyed by societal pressures and wonder how people are acting soo normal. The animal in you comes out to play…. and you truly are broken…

    It happens to everyone at some point in adult life, some more private than others and some are done in public. All mental breakdowns are different, very unique to the person and it appears as if they are crazy. They aren’t…. they’re just broken men and women.

  5. Gawd damn. Dude is lucky he was in a nice place. Could have encountered more aggressive reactions…

    Hope he’s fine

  6. The last couple years have been rough… throw in some personal shit on top and it’s the perfect recipe for a breakdown. Happens to the best of us.

  7. Guys not mentally ill. He’s burned out and stressed to the max because of a simple computer issue that will.be blamed on him which would likely result in some real-life and/or life altering consequences.

    Feel for him. I’ve not had a public meltdown but it never fails that I have to restart my 2 year old company laptop multiple times per day because it freezes and hangs in outlook or chrome, crashes from zoom, etc. Its maddening. I understand this guy’s pain and complete disregard for social norms of not asking people for help before fully melting down because all of his work for that meeting might as well have been thrown out the window since the deadline was missed.

    Work stress is no joke.

  8. I’m getting some Michael Douglas “Falling Down” vibes from him. Also as someone who has a lot of stress in life, I get hitting that point where you’re visibly stressed out. I’ve never flipped out like this in public; and not even this bad in private. But I have slammed things on my desk and shouted profanities in my home office. I’ve also sat at my desk and cried uncontrollably. I feel this. Luckily though there’s a selfish POS to break his phone out while he and his asshole friends snicker while the stress in this poor guy’s life is literally pushing him to the edge.

    Fuck you for using his pain as your pornography.

  9. I’d say it’s a mental break. I imagine multiple things in his life have accumulated to the extent even a minor issue can set it all off and let the flood gates open. Probably one the lowest moments of his life, recorded and put on the internet for us all to see.

  10. Feels like a guy going through something bad in his life, and you’re a cunt for filming his breakdown and posting it on the internet.

  11. This feels like a fake prank from very early YouTube. Everything about this screams 2007 YouTube prank

  12. Look at everyone bail, prob expecting him to pull out a gun and start shooting everyone.

    Over a fucking laptop

  13. This isn’t mental illness. This is what years of slaving away at a company for next to nothing looks like. This is what being disappointed and bitter looks like.

  14. r/wallstreetbets which one of you is this? Please check and post your loss porn before leaving the house. It’s for our safety and your dignity.

  15. Someone with big Dad energy could have stepped in. Tell him to stop and think. Odds are pretty good the hard drive and contents are salvageable if he took it in someplace. The work presentation needs a phone call to his boss. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Stress is hell. Work stress combined with technological problems is even worse.

  16. When you smoke crack for the first time because you need to keep up with your demanding work schedule