‘What are they thinking?’: toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found…

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‘What are they thinking?’: toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in school uniforms | PFAS

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  1. All the wells in my hometown are contaminated with this stuff. Luckily the government is paying for filtration systems but it’s still terrifying that we are constantly poisoning the world around us. What kind of world are we leaving behind for the future?

  2. “The study, published in the Environmental and Science Technology journal, detected the chemicals in 65% of school uniforms, rain gear, snowsuits, snowshoes, mittens, bibs, hats and stroller covers tested, and at levels authors characterized as “high”.”
    “Researchers have linked PFAS to cancer, birth defects, kidney disease, decreased immunity, reproductive problems and other serious health issues.”

  3. Thank DuPont and 3M for lobbying hard to keep using that chemical. The EU banned it.

    These motherfuckers are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, if not more, and all the cancers that chemical helps create.

    Greed. That’s all it boils down to, is greed. They will sacrifice every single one of you to make a buck. The end simply can’t come fast enough for those greedy bastards.

    Source: Retired firefighter who spent a lot of time doing honor guard at funerals. More god damned cancer related deaths than anything. Yeah, this topic angers me greatly.

  4. If only we can deregulate everything, the Free Market will sort it all out. Once someone posts an article like this, everyone will immediately stop buying products from that company – it’s foolproof.

  5. School uniforms are a bummer, but it’s probably on plenty of other clothes, too.

    PFAS was/is in thermal receipt paper. It’s in Teflon pans. It’s been used in coated paper for food. Scotchgard, etc. etc.

    The boring dystopia is that all these utopian substances (DDT anyone?) turned out to be pretty damn terrible once we took the time to actually study them.

  6. This is just the tip of the ice berg for PFAS. There is not a single set of turnout gear for firefighters that doesn’t contain PFAS. It is a VERY covered up topic within the industry and finally has had some exposure in recent years. Every single firefighter in our country has been knowingly been exposed to PFAS for decades. The resulting health fallout from this will be catastrophic to the firefighting industry.

    Cancer deaths are beginning to jump by double digit percentages and there is no end in sight, this is just the beginning.


  7. What were they thinking? They were thinking they could save a few bucks at the cost of your kids. So what’s the they’re gonna get cancer later in their life, you should do the discount they got on those uniforms.

  8. Conservatives up in arms about how books and education are poison…..meanwhile the capitalists they do the bidding of are literally poisoning all of us

  9. Is “forever chemicals” a legit phrase in English? Is forever also an adjective or they could have just used “everlasting chemicals”?

  10. Pfas were commonly used as a waterproofing agent, and we didn’t know they were toxic until quite recently. I genuinely don’t think they WERE thinking, this is a situation that can easily happen by accident.