What a waste of a syringe.

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What a waste of a syringe. from deadbydaylight

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  1. For those confused about what happened, when wesker nabs you with his power and slams you into the exit at the exit gates, he blocks the gate for the grabbed survivor and treats it like a wall letting him do a healthstate with his grab, and because she’s already injured he will instantly pick her up. They got nabbed and got what they fucking deserve.

  2. Altruism is sometimes unrewarding, depending on the will of the person in front to survive.
    Btw, you survived and this shitty surv died, and I’m happy with that. Karma is a beautiful thing !

  3. At least you did it with a good intention and the syringe would have been lost anyway. You tried something decent and even made it work, please don’t stop doing this bc idiots like nea.

  4. You paid a medkit so Wesker could feel the satisfaction of killing that nerd while you still know you made a hell of a play against weskie.

  5. That hurts to watch. Had a bunch of survivor games yesterday where a survivor wanted to Tbag the exit gates while the killer was a Wesker. Yeah never ends well but I say sayonara as I’m running out the gate, I don’t stick around.

  6. My friend: “Exit gate is opened, we’ll just sit here and heal. Get some extra points.”
    Me: “It’s Wesker, get out of here.”
    Them “It’s fine, we got this.”
    The Narrator: “They did not in fact got this.”
    One friend got picked up while the other got trapped due to the perk that blocks exit gates when hooked.

  7. Yeah I had some guy do this dumshyt too yesterday when I was in a game, didn’t use a syringe or anything but was playing we all were getting out I went the whole game not getting hit. And some dumbass thought it would be funny to teabag blocking me to the exit when killer was on us and I took a hit

  8. Why do people do teabaging? And why is it called teabagging? I’ve played FPS games and teabaging requires you to achieve something first, like kill them then go to their corpse before they respawn and teabag them. That’s what a teabag is. I’ve also played many other games where players use crouching to quickly and nonverbally communicate being friendly; Minecraft combat is a great example.

    I am pissed how this community doesn’t understand teabaging and invented their own definition; and now when I crouch to show the killer that I’m saying hi or trying to get their attention (surrendering or something), I am called Toxic.

    I literally had a moron tell me how I am toxic for teabaging when I didn’t even know this community calls crouching as teabaging. It is so stupid, dbd is the first game where crouching to signal something is branded as “toxic”