1. Some time around 2016, *Free Speech™* has just become a synonyme for *no consequences for whatever shit I say*.

  2. Is that the one about showing you the door if you’re whining about free speech on a private platform? [This one?

    They’re gonna show folks the door if they complain about getting shown the door.

    How can this not be a troll.

  3. Best believe I *cackled* when I saw them blame Randall Munroe and xkcd.

    Anyway, if you’re acting like a dick, I’m going to use my free speech and call you a dick. I might even use my free speech to tell you to shut up. Funny how that works.

  4. these fuckers are going after xkcd? wtf?


    By the way, this may be the comic in question:


  5. “Free Speech is also when you get banned for expressing opinions we don’t like. Anyway, anyone who expresses opinions that I dislike on my Free Speech subreddit gets banned.”

  6. *Free speech is absolute….but don’t you dare talk about gay people or our history of repressing free speech or I’ll take it away from you* – how the right sees “free” speech

  7. ….but… the constitution and the amendments are literally written to profess the power of government over its people…

    Technically he is using his right to free speech in a private organization to govern the way he sees fit correctly, but damn is it frustrating how hard these guys miss the mark.

  8. Ok who brought Randall Munroe into this? Ain’t nobody fuck with my man Randall

  9. Wow another hideous shithole I just found out existed. At least it’s a real SAW this time

  10. TBF, that entire subreddit is really fucked up in how it actually hates free speech.

  11. Ah yes, the lesson all 13 year old debaters learn in their first year of debating: free speech is not and has never been absolute

    Good to see the mods on that sub can’t keep up with a bunch of hormone-addled teenagers

  12. Wow, that sub is a trip. It’s tough to unpack the thought process there:

    1) They [explicitly acknowledge](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/5uuw46/why_rfreespeech_has_moderators/) that meaningful conversation is impossible without moderation of bigots and trolls. ~~You literally have to be an approved submitter there to submit posts.~~ Editing to amend: You don’t have to do this to post, but as the Mod tells me below, he instituted this because his Automod was… automatically censoring left-leaning posters. o_O

    2) Yet, they also define censorship as the “removal of any material,” period.

    3) But don’t worry guys, censorship is bad but I promise I’m a [good censor.](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/5uuw46/why_rfreespeech_has_moderators/ddx4drj/)

    4) Censorship is bad but we need censorship to limit this sub to only one topic – freedom of speech. Only freedom of speech topics here! Meanwhile…

    Top posts of all time:

    1. “[As a black man, BLM BAD,](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/had0st/as_a_black_man_i_feel_like_black_lives_matter_are/)”

    2. [“Why did your free speech sub delete my other BLM Bad post?”](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/hafus9/rfreespeech_my_ass/)

    3. [Elon Musk “brave” tweet screenshot](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/kwf3ah/elon_musk_playing_with_fire/)

    4. [Antivax bullshit posing as unity](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/q1s78j/permanently_banned_from_rhumansbeingbros_for/)

    5. [Transphobia!](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeSpeech/comments/b0l892/this_guy_about_to_get_banned_from_twitter/)

    I got right wing asshat BINGO.

  13. “We’re pacifists here and anybody who says different is getting their ass kicked.”

  14. Even though other people have said it already, I feel compelled to come here and say it again:

    This person is factually, objectively, and provably wrong. They are trying to equate “no consequences for saying anything” with the First Amendment right to Free Speech as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

    Stop for one single second and imagine if this person was correct. What would the history of the United States look like if “free speech, vaguely defined” meant that you could say (and do, i.e. non-verbal actions are also protected under 1A) anything you wanted without consequence. When you take a step back and imagine a world where that is the way 1A is interpreted, you see how incorrect this claim is. This person is not stupid. They are actively and purposefully trying to push a narrative the free speech means freedom from the consequences of your words and actions.

    I don’t care that 466 selfish children agree with him. The reality is that he is wrong.

    The Bill of Rights is not a cudgel. It’s not a weapon to be wielded against other citizens. It’s a shield protecting you from a theoretical overreaching and tyrannical government, and from jackasses like this typical Reddit mod. And when jackasses like this typical Reddit mod decide one afternoon when they rollout of bed that they’re going to change the meaning of a 200+ year old document, you need to take notice and shut that shit down.

  15. Notably absent from the conversation when conservatives whine about censorship: the fact that hate speech, threats, doxxing, use of slurs, etc has a chilling effect on freedom of speech. If I’m afraid to speak because I’ll be threatened or harassed or injured simply because of my gender or orientation or the color of my skin then I do not have freedom of speech do I?

  16. Hmm, if you’re not referring to the right to free speech from the US constitution; then who grants you this right you’re referring to?

  17. Free Speech literally has no (meaningful) definition outside of govt enshrined rights.

    And this is for one very important, very crucial reason.

    Individuals expression of free speech *includes* the ability to censor what they personally want to censor that is in their purview. Removal of that is called “compelled speech” and is also a violation of free speech.


    The quintessential example is, you’re allowed to put up a sign on your lawn to support any politician you want. You’re also equally allowed to remove any such sign for politicians you do not want to support.

    The way the brain-dead “Freedom of speech” warriors interpret free speech, however, basically amounts to “i should be allowed to put up signs to politicians you do not like on your lawn. And you should not be allowed to remove them, because that is my freedom”

    Which is not a definition of free speech to anyone except dipshits who don’t know what “Free speech” means, or make idiotic claims that it has nothing to do with govt rights.

  18. This is so on the nose it can’t possibly be genuine…. Right?

  19. I had to do mental gymnastics to understand WTF they are trying to get at.



    “Free speech should never be restricted by anyone.”

    but also

    “I will ban you for arguing that the 1st amendment only refers to the government restricting your free speech.”


    Holy shit balls on a stick can they not smell the hypocrisy and just doublethink of what they just posted?


  21. Free Speech does not include showing people the door if you disagree, and I will take anyone that disagrees and show them the door.

  22. Wait, Randall Munroe singlehandedly destroyed our perception of free speech???

  23. Like 90% of the posts in this sub are just ppl complaining about being f banned from a sub.

    At least they partially started removing incel shit… low bar

  24. To the right, free speech only covers officially approved right-wing ideas. Anything else is “Woke” and a literal thought crime. #MinistryOfTruth

  25. This isn’t just a self aware wolf, this at least teeters on the edge of confidently incorrect. The right to free speech under the constitution refers to the government not restricting your right to speak freely. The government doesn’t have the right to tell you that you can’t speak for or against ideas or religions or that you are limited to saying just the things the government approves. It does not say you have the right to say whatever you want to say, whenever and wherever you’d like to say it and have to not just be allowed to do so but not face any consequences for it. Any website, for example Twitter, has the right to limit who uses it and how they use it – such as how they eventually got around to banning the last president for a persistent mix of hate speech, promoting/encouraging violence and misinformation. Sticking with that example, Twitter was well within their rights and did not violate anyone’s “right to free speech”.

  26. What so strange about this nonsense argument is if they would just say “I’m not the government and therefore I can ban you for whatever I want” it would at least be an honest and consistent argument.

    Instead it’s just some copium thinly veiling his sensitivity. This is the most soy reaction possible

  27. “I have free speech to say whatever I want however you do NOT have free speech to call me out on my bullshit”

  28. So he’s gonna start banning people from his little corner of the internet, just like Randall Munroe says he can. Hilarious.

  29. Free speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want in my living room. Especially if it’s some racist/homophobic bullshit! It applies only to the government. It doesn’t mean other citizens have to put up with your bullshit.

  30. I’m confused. There’s a subreddit solely dedicated to free speech and they’re banning people for their speech?

  31. Not that it counts for much, but I’m the former Executive Director of what was once Canada’s biggest Free Speech advocacy and journalistic protection non-profit.

    This mod’s an asshole.

  32. This is not self aware wolves. The whole point of his post is to be like

    “Ok, you think that free speech only comes from the government? Well, see what happens to your free speech if you try saying that here.”

    It’s to try to point out that there are other kinds of free speech.

  33. This is definitely confusing… The right to free speech only really prevents the government from stopping you from saying stuff.

    Anybody else that wants to stop you from saying stuff or restrict you in any way that’s your problem… You have to take them to court.

    I think if third graders started suing their elementary school for having a code of conduct that prohibits certain words being said in classrooms we’d have a problem.

    You understand the difference or not?

  34. You know what’s fun? He seems to respond to everyone’s comments. Including on that post, even though it’s over a year old lololol

    And it’s going about as well as you’d expect.

    Edit: He [banned me](https://i.imgur.com/VEqh7uO.png) lol. No surprise, I was absolutely [baiting him to do so](https://i.imgur.com/j7p1cko.png).

  35. And if you disagree I won’t let you speak

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