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  1. wait, I have to LOGIN to unlock everything? As a person who need to work 69 hours a day, Bungie is balanceing the game around elites again smh my head

  2. Bro for real. Destiny is the most addicted and toxic community I’ve ever seen. Downvote me don’t give a shit but y’all are some elitist gatekeeping pricks to new/casual players. So bungie gave them a handout WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?! Be happy for someone lol

  3. I’m so tired of this smooth-brain take. Yes, for most of us doing a single master ketchcrash or going out and running some legend lost sectors is quickly and easily done – but new players have no introduction to the champion system, and even if they did and this step was supposed to force then into interacting with it, then the average guy who plays a few hours a week and sits -20 below the power cap, is supposed to go and find FIFTY champs to kill? That’s a pretty boring and non-rewarding grind just to progress a seasonal story.

    The issue really is how Bungie handles the new player experience, which is currently really bad and doesn’t help them at all with any system beyond “here’s how to shoot, and here’s how you get into strikes”. Of course there are going to be people who struggle with the step, but what they need is help, not mocked.

  4. Says the person who’s obviously feelin some kinda way that they played the game to complete the tedious challenge and others didnt have to. If you like playing the game so much it shouldn’t be a big deal.

  5. Yeah I just want the option to not be locked out of raids because I don’t have 5 friends ready to play with me at any time

  6. Y’all need to let it go. And maybe consider that it’s Toxic worm crap like this that makes people not want to lfg. Also if as a causal player you see a mode with a recommended light 10-20 levels higher then them they probably aren’t going to even attempt it.

    Take this crap back to DTG.

  7. The community: “Bungie really needs to improve the new player experience. It’s really hard to recommend Destiny to friends”

    Bungie: “We have auto completed a seasonal story quest step that was not very accessible to new players”

    The community: “WTF Bungie, stop catering to *caaaaasuals*. They’re ruining the game. Now you are just going to give handouts for everything, huh?”