1. But you get a hot new love interest in a post credit scene!

  2. Having Dr. Strange be the main focus of his own movie is a pretty wild idea, it would have never worked!

  3. The Real villain was himself

  4. I mean… the closure with Christine, the lesson about maybe not trying to be in control of everything and trust other people to hold the knife sometimes. fixing the clock and moving on.

    he had more development in Multiverse of Madness than in the first movie.

  5. I’ve said this before. Doctor Strange shines as a side character. I’d rather see him as the sorcerer with the mysterious aura that other characters go to for help, instead of starring in his own films. He was perfect in NWH.

    I really liked MoM though.

  6. You can’t get any closer to having your “own villain” than literally having to fight an evil version of yourself.

  7. did you miss the entire point being that dr strange is consistently the biggest danger to himself and his own universe?

    Penultimate boss is literally himself, who targets stranges to ruin their happiness. It couldn’t be more on the nose. Having one of his golden-era rivals as the main bad would just muddle the point of the whole movie. Strange is literally introduced trying to kill America because he makes a dr strange decision.

  8. Nobody was complaining like this with Civil War, which is just as much an Iron Man movie as it is a Captain America movie. Feels like the nitpicking is strong with these posts

  9. Dr. Strange is by far my favorite character in MCU.
    Not sure if I would have ‘understood’ everything if I didnt watch «What If…?» though.
    Brilliant animated series.

  10. I mean, the greatest magical threat in the mcu makes sense as the villain for the magic guy

  11. the amount of growth strange went through in MoM was an incredible amount of character development for his character. he not only helped others reach the arc of their own story, but he got an extremely satisfying and well deserved arc as well. sorry, but this is just another shit take in a sea of bad memes

  12. Honestly should have been a solo Wanda movie.

  13. They reshot like half the movie before it released almost makes you wonder what could have been

  14. What would be good villians for his movies? That bring said I’d like see the Yggdrasil Strange. We really can’t use a antagonistic Supreme Sorcerer Loki unless something happens in the overarching story. But it would be a great fight.

  15. I thought this ended already, no one fucking cares if wanda hurt your feelings in dr strange 2

  16. The rhetoric around Dr. Strange MoM just seems so crazy to me. If we knew beforehand that Dr Strange was going to face off against the Scarlet Witch as a villain, everybody would have been insanely pumped. And the execution was perfect, the Scarlet Witch was terrifying and so strong that even Strange couldn’t fight her head on. But people wanna complain.

    The whole “Dr Strange isn’t a main character even in his own movie” is just plain wrong. The movie follows him like 75% of the time, and it is completely normal for a movie to also feature a b character and to focus on the villain in a portion of the scenes. But this is clearly a Dr Strange movie, he gets an entire arc and character development.

    There’s legitimate criticisms to be made about the movie. You can really tell the movie switched directors and wasn’t consistent with the vision the MCU was laying out, like clearly there was some disconnect between the end of Wandavision and MoM. But even though that criticism makes sense it’s not what I see people saying. I see people saying more “Dr. Strange didn’t star in it, didn’t have magical fights in it, didn’t visit very many multiverses at all.” despite all of those being pretty objectively wrong.

    And I want to see people bringing up the good parts of the movie more. Like the visuals. MoM in my opinion is a top 3 visually interesting MCU movie. From all the magical things going wrong when the Scarlet Witch dreamwalks into 838 Wanda, to the montage when Mordo poisons Strange, to basically everything about the haunted Sanctum in the Incursion universe. It was a stunning movie to look at.

    I also absolutely love what Raimi brought to the movie. Imagining Strange as a horror movie totally fits with what the comics could do, and he did so many great little things. Like the slasher chase, the weird horror comedy with the third eyes and brutal deaths, and my favorite, the whole ending where Strange inhabits the zombie Strange and crafts a cloak of levitation out of damned spirits.

    Honestly, as a longtime reader of Dr. Strange comics I think MoM was a classic comic book movie and very much line with what we see in the comics. MoM would probably be rated a top 10 Dr. Strange comic if you translated it into a book format.

  17. More character development than Dr. Jane Foster, who got maybe half a movie before she was killed off.

  18. As A Strange fan im alreight with that cause that means i get to see more of him.

  19. Honestly that movie should have made the character with the parents lost across the multiverse the main character. It was a teensy bit more compelling emotionally than Doc’s quest to save a single stranger’s life. Also they just drop the plotline with her parents completely at the end.

  20. One of my least favorite MCU movies. Such a disappointment

  21. I was really bummed when it turned into Wandavision 2. The beginning was great.

  22. You people needa let that go. Multiverse of Madness was a success anyway so what’s the problem?

  23. I’m surprised to see how many people thought this movie was good tbh. I thought it was pretty obviously shit.

  24. When you realise how much of a tag along macguffin he really is rather than an actual character, its almost kinda scary.

    Thor Ragnarok: there to simply show the boys the location of their father

    Infinitity War and Endgame: there to simply assist the other heroes

    No way home: there to simply mess things up for multiverse shenanigans

    And then there is M.o.M. which kinda gave a character arc in the form of closure with Christine, which was pretty weak of arc but whatever, I’m sure the third one will do better and maybe Nightmare will finally show up since they held him back since 2016.

  25. wdym, kevin feige & the writers were the villan for his sequel

  26. He’s evolving, just backwards

  27. Yet somehow he has the best standalone movies. Curious

  28. Wanda is the villain you moron.

  29. after infinity war he’s just been more and more nerfed with every appearance in ability, common sense, and relevance

  30. I had not even realized this, but this really does limit his character development.

  31. Yeah, welcome the the club, pal.

  32. it was an ok movie, but it should have been an america chavez movie

  33. Same could be said about Fury

  34. Wanda, Mordo, another version of him ??

  35. Making wanda the main villian of MoM (especially after wandavision) was amazingly stupid

    Just make evil strange or mordo thr villian of the movie who wants america’s powers

  36. Sad part. is that this is true.

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