[WaPo] G2 was confident in its NA Valorant partnership bid,…

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[WaPo] G2 was confident in its NA Valorant partnership bid, and was doing outreach to NA pros and coaches. Then the Andrew Tate tweets happened.

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  1. > a week before developer Riot Games was scheduled to announce its slate of partnered teams for its “Valorant” esports league, the Berlin-based esports organization appeared certain it had locked down a coveted partnership slot, going so far as to offer The Washington Post an exclusive interview with its CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, on the occasion of G2’s entry into the Americas league.

    > The offered interview with The Washington Post was never conducted.


  2. Incredible article. Really great to get this type of coverage on Valorant. Some things that stuck out to me

    * Riot execs huddling up in Turkey is an interesting image to think about. They’re at champs celebrating the year, about to put on the biggest event of the year, tons of planning ready to be executed and excited to finally announce all the new partners and they have to go into big time crisis mode. If you’ve ever been in big crisis meetings while being at a an event or conference, it can be pretty wild
    * Their interest in the Luminosity roster. I don’t know if it was out there before but this is really interesting they were close to jumping into NA during the middle of the year. I wonder what their plan would’ve been for their EMEA roster
    * Their pursuit of XSET was going to be their biggest priority. Those guys must be pretty disappointed if they already knew they had a fallback option as a full 5. Hopefully they get picked up as a 5 but I think it’ll be tough for them
    * Their interview of Kaplan. I’d imagine a couple other orgs will be definitely interested in him

  3. Shame on Carlos man , maybe it’s harsh but as a person in his position he should know his decisions don’t only affect him.

  4. oh shit, G2 was likely going to pick up XSET if they got in. I feel horrible for those guys, that would’ve been a dream deal to swap over to a partnered team as a full team.

  5. to me the biggest takeaway from this needs to be that it would have been absolute bullshit for G2 to get into NA in the first place