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  1. A wing of my school got condemned and students were told to go into it by staffers for the next week to help move shit.

    The supposed story was that the shipment of concrete reinforcement was late, and they poured the concrete without it. 60 years later giant cracks started appearing on walls, and the whole thing has to be torn down. Best part was that all people responsible were already dead, and the company had folded decades earlier.

  2. Dumbledore: If we must remain open, all students shall be required to wear glasses so that if they see the monster they will be merely petrified and not killed

    Parents: It is our children’s right not to wear glasses that interfere in their vision, besides, with 300 students the odds of being killed are so slim. Let our children see!

    Dumbledore: But the monster…

    Parents: It isn’t even that big a deal, thin-bottomed cauldrons kill more people annually!

  3. Is the post saying we should have shut down all schools for the entirety of COVID? In hindsight it seems like we probably never should have shit them down at all

  4. Harry Potter was a prep for the current state of the Republican party, with the children representing general society, including some of those Republicans.