Volodymyr Zelensky: ‘The veto right should be taken from…

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Volodymyr Zelensky: ‘The veto right should be taken from Russia’

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. Ukraine should consider pushing the notion that the former Soviet vote be given to India. It would appeal to India and a lot of the third world and might help split both from Russia.

  2. Agreed. But China will veto any effort to remove it from Russia. The whole security council has to go… it should be a fully rotating set of seats.

  3. Well, something like that should be universally binding in all future cases. Any country acting with military force beyond its own borders to be forfeiting its veto right in the UNSC until said conflict is fully resolved. So, that would apply to the US also in future events.

  4. Won’t happen. As bad as Russia is, if they take the veto from Russia, every other member will know it can be taken from them as well. No one will take the risk.

  5. I propose that we open up the question of credentials for the Soviet seat to the General Assembly, the same way as we did when the CCP took Taiwan’s seat. Since Kazakhstan was the last country to leave the Soviet Union, it seems to me like Kazakhstan is the natural successor to the Soviet seat.

  6. The only way that happens is if you take away Russia’s nukes. I suspect they will launch them before they ever give them up.

  7. Well, it’s tricky because making them stop is important and if we destroy every road it could make matters worse

  8. The whole veto thing shouldn’t exist. You can have more points per vote based on a metric of quality of life or something.

  9. Tbh I’m all for removing the veto from all the 5 permanent members – and I’m saying that as a Brit – or at least require 2 members to veto if so.

  10. Zelensky could equally say that the first bullet of a revolver ought to be banished; the point is that the gun AND the bullets are the problem.

    Disband the worse-than-useless joke that is the UN.