Using a fake 100 bill at a Lemonade stand

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+25583 – Using a fake 100 bill at a Lemonade stand

2022-08-05 20:31:55

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  1. Wow. SMH. This is why parents need to be participating in these types of activities with their children. They could’ve said no bills over $50 like the fast food restaurants do. Not blaming the parents at all. Just saying that these days adults know that some adults obviously have no problem stooping so low as to steal from a child. Parents need to be vigilant in watching over their children. I hope this dude gets caught, and locked up.

  2. Not a very nice person. Stealing from a child? Did he know it was fake? If so, Karma will pay him a visit

  3. This has to be the same guy that took the $30 from the kid to by him a vape just to peace out in his car…

  4. Poor kid…but this is exactly why a lot of small businesses have signs saying “we don’t accept bills bigger than $20”

    He learned an expensive lesson that day: don’t let big bills blind you.

  5. Damn… That’s one of the most fucked up things I’ve seem, stealing from a kid like that… If hell was real, they would surely have a place guaranteed in there

  6. Not only is that not a stand, that’s not even lemonade. It looks like he’s just reselling Gatorade on the side of the road.

  7. How scum do you have to be to trick a *kid* into letting you get lemonade. It’s FUDGIN’ LEMONADE.

  8. You for real have something wrong with you if this thought ever enters your head, and then he went and actually acted on it. Smhhh

  9. They sell those money marking pens…..you should still be able to purchase them at almost any bank as well……so, anybody doing yard sales, bake sales…. lemonade stands and whatever else, really should invest in one of those pens beforehand!!! If it marks as false, refuse to take it…..if they give you a hassle, either call the police or (for those that enjoy their 2nd amendment rights) introduce them to your friends, Smith & Wesson……..I mean sometimes the police can take a few minutes to get there…… anyway, y’all stay safe out there!!

  10. I’m surprised the law didn’t shut him down. I doubt he had a permit. The government mafia doesn’t like people making money without paying their protection cut. I think I remember a story from back around 2015-16ish where a little kids lemonade stand got shut down for that exact reason.

  11. Where I work, someone once took a fake $100 bill. It had pink chinese lettering on it. That bill is taped to the wall in the office where all the employees can see it. Check the bills, folks. Even a simple peek can do all the difference