User can’t find the clock

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+173 – The happened a few months ago and just had me dumbfounded.

A user puts in a ticket regarding her OneDrive not syncing and calls me. We’ll call her Mary. The call goes as follows:

Me: “IT support, John speaking.”

Mary: “Hey, it’s Mary, I was calling to follow up on my ticket for One Drive”

Me: “Sure no problem, there are a few things we can try over the phone. You should have a blue cloud icon on the bottom right side of the screen, near the clock.”

Mary: “I don’t see a clock.”

Me: “Okay, that probably means your task bar is hidden. If you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, it should come up.”

Mary: “The bar is there but I don’t see the clock.”

Me: “Are you sure? It should be on the bottom right of the screen.”

Mary: “I don’t see it.”

Me: “So you do not see an area on the bottom right that shows the time?”

Mary: “Yes I see that.”

Me: “What did you think I meant by clock? What do you call that?”

Mary “I call it the calendar.”

I started laughing on the phone when she said that. Apparently a display of time is not called a clock in her eyes.

Since, it took us 10 minutes just to find the clock, I decided to walk over to her office and do this one in person, because if something so simple took that long, I’d be on the phone for hours.

To be fair to the user, she was retiring soon and practically had a foot out the door at that point, so she probably just didn’t give a crap. It’s just hard to comprehend how anybody could be confused at what a CLOCK is.

2022-07-26 18:34:28

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  1. My friend’s ex-wife worked in tech support. She received a call from an older lady who was complaining about her computer not working, Cue this conversation, my friend’s ex-wife just wanted to see if the computer was plugged in.

    “Ma’am, can you please check the outlet?”

    “Why do you use all this jargon to confuse me?”

    After about 15 minutes, she realizes that this woman thinks that “outlet” is jargon.

    “Ma’am, do you have a toaster?”

    “Of course I do! What kind of question is that?”

    “Ma’am, what is your toaster plugged into?”

    “It’s plugged into the… never mind.”

  2. I am not in IT, far from it.

    We have a camera pointed at our boomgates, and A TV in the warehouse showing that view, it is also our clock, but always wrong by 40 mins. Our IT dept did fix it, but over the weekend it was wrong again.

    I opened a browser window and went to a world clock website, reduced the size of the window so I can see it from 20 metres away and does not obscure the camera view.

    IT still cannot figure out what’s wrong with the camera clock. But love my solution.

  3. I used to run into this when trying to walk a user through rebooting a computer. When they would say that the screen said the same thing as before they rebooted it, I’d instantly know that they turned the monitor off, then back on.

  4. Shit I still have users that don’t know what the start button is.

  5. *walks over to wall calendar*

    *discerns the current time*

  6. I had a user call for an update on their ticket. The desk helpfully told them the ticket notes indicated I left a voice mail for her. She then proceeded to tell them she didn’t know how to check her voice mail. Yes, this was noted in the ticket, and yes I did create a child ticket for the telecom team to assist the user. Don’t remember how long she remained in her admin position after that.

  7. This reminds me of a story in Covid during Lockdown so everybody at home. Get a phone call from a user that her Headset isnt working. The other persons dont understand her. So i remote in her Laptop and start troubleshooting.

    It was a slow day so i wanted to help her because she was a nice lady with not much months left until retirement and we always had a nice chat in the office.

    After 2 hours of troubleshooting reinstalling drivers i go into teams settings once again. The Webcam pops up like everytime but this time i look at her head and see the mic pointing towards the sealing. Nobody told her that she had to put the mic down for speaking. We both had a good laugh.

  8. When you click on the clock you get the calendar. This is further reinforced by the ability to add reminders and events to it. It is the calendar.

  9. TBF, when you click on it it does pull up a calendar.

  10. I’ve never referred to it as a clock. In my mind, a clock would sport an analog face OR some other graphic that mimics a digital time device. I refer to it as the time-of-day. Haven’t had any problems with that one.

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