Untitled (as of yet), by me, wax and steel, 2021

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+2662 – Untitled (as of yet), by me, wax and steel, 2021

2022-08-06 15:01:39

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582 shares, 840 points


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  1. “Ok, so imagine a facehugger but its huge and its legs are like living metal but yo have like a dog and it bites it so sick!”

  2. Wow this is fantastic art. Great work!! How did you conceptualize this? What’s the plan to finishing this?

  3. The tooth fairy’s bigger cousin, the bone fairy, attacked by the family dog to protect the sleeping children.

  4. Genuine question; was this a design that you had in mind when you started, or did you just kinda make a start and ended up on this design?

    It looks awesome btw, I really like it!

  5. I love how the wolf cub is not actually touching the ground. That adds such interesting tension to the piece.

  6. Oh I’ve seen this one before (may actually be a family member), during the stinky-fish invasion. It’s all powered by gas that’s generated by the host subject. The machine latches onto the host, and forces piping throughout the hosts mouth and anus. The gas has nowhere to go other than into the legs, which push the pistons around, allowing for movement!

    If you’re interested in more, and weren’t witness to the smelly apocalypse, I’d highly recommend reading the documentary “[The Death Stench Creeps](https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/gyo_junji-ito/13502124/#edition=14201068&idiq=19700074)”

  7. You know…I have seen lots of Monster movies where you hear a dog yipe and die off screen. What you never see, is a pitbull take one out with a massive testicular chomp.