Ultra-close-up photos show the Sun like you’ve never seen it…

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Ultra-close-up photos show the Sun like you’ve never seen it before

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  1. Incredible. The only problem I have remains the same…it’s difficult to truly grasp what I’m observing. The magnitude, the intensity…I know it’s a real thing out there, buy I cannot wrap my mind around it.

  2. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to touch it. If we couldn’t burn.

    Lifelong call of the void.

  3. Wish this article would pay off some of the sentences it sets up!

    “Now, we can finally look at the part of the atmosphere resting just above the Sun’s surface, which was impossible before.” Why was it impossible?

    “This telescope rests on land that is both spiritually and culturally significant to the Hawaiian people” why is that so

    “Understanding the Sun has long been a goal for astronomers, and with technology like this, we’ll finally be able to dive deeper into what makes our star tick.” how do the scientists think this technology will advance our understanding?

    “especially when you consider the kind of precautions that need to be taken to look at the Sun with such powerful lenses.” what kind of precuations

  4. I can’t explain why, but although I logically find these images absolutely incredible, looking at them up close also makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and nauseated as if I’m watching something horrific or forbidden…

    Edit: grammar

  5. I have seen it this close through a friends solar telescope. looks like slow moving lava.

    A flair took 30 to 45mn to break away

  6. They are gorgeous.

    Has anyone got a link to some geekier info on what we are seeing here?

    The blobs are probably Rayleigh-Bénard cells, but what are the long streaks?

  7. Epic images and a great achievement..I wonder what it would take to get a video at that resolution. Earth or some piece of earth for scale might bring more information to the table for the layman viewer.

  8. When you zoom in on some places it looks like a poorly rendered video game. Maybe the devs didn’t think we’d ever see the sun this clear and didn’t bother with detail

  9. I once shined a purple laser at my $500 camera and it burned the sensor so now every picture I take has a black squiggly that looks like a pube on the lens

  10. Looks exactly like how I expected it to, space exploration is becoming repetitive. Just the same thing over and over again for years on end, how exhausting.