Ukraine’s newest UAV is ready to drop grenades on orcs

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Ukraine’s newest UAV is ready to drop grenades on orcs from ukraine

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642 shares, 846 points


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  1. Granted, you guys are hilarious but this photo is also a reminder of how much of the country is laid to waste by war, a tragedy not only for humans but for animals. Good chance the owl’s habitat was just destroyed.

  2. …trainings have started
    …orcs, be afraid
    …we have acquired war(military) owls
    …young generation training (in russian)
    …Tell something, Bayractar

  3. “I watched a bird perched atop a grenade. This is my dream. This is my nightmare. Perched, chirping, along the handle of the grenade, and surviving”

  4. The Russians have killed millions of non-human life forms in this illegal, immoral war, it’s not surprising they want to also join the fight.

    Bird-bomb air strike inbound.

    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

  5. Its always amazing… animals sense kindness in the Ukrainians… ive seen that so many times now but ive never seen one from russians….

  6. Ok so i know that you can be a disney princess. Im ok with that. But how do we call this man at this point?

  7. Pulls pin. Ha! I waz Russia Spy!

    Why for love of the gods, to you let an animal sit on a grenade. Really, if the animal falls and grabs the pin to hold on, it’s going to be brown underwear moment for everybody involved.

  8. Interesting how Ukrainians befriend the animals they encounter and the Russians cripple, murder, rape and then eat every animal that they come accross, no?

  9. Ruzzians run in fear when they here ‘Whooo, whooo’. Then run yelling ”Nooooooooooo, Not me, Not me!’

    Death from above!

    Slava Ukraine!