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    Russia must face “just punishment” over its invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the UN General Assembly in New York.

    In a pre-recorded video, the Ukrainian leader called for the creation of a special war tribunal and detailed alleged war crimes by Russia.

    He also set out a peace “formula”, including more military support and to punish Russia on the world stage.

    His address received a standing ovation from many of the session’s attendees.

    In his introductory remarks, Mr Zelensky accused Russia of causing “catastrophic turbulence” with its “illegal war”.


    Creating a special tribunal would help hold Moscow to account for stealing territory and murdering thousands of people, Mr Zelensky said.

    He addressed the discovery of 445 new graves in Izyum, a north-eastern city recently retaken from Russian forces during a sweeping Ukrainian counter-offensive.

    Mr Zelensky detailed allegations of war crimes in the city, including against one man said to have been castrated and murdered.

    “Why are the Russian military so obsessed with castration?” he asked.

    Russia must face consequences for its aggression, he said, through further sanctions and by the UN stripping Moscow of its powerful role as a permanent Security Council member.

    He also called for Ukrainian lives to be protected, and for the country’s internationally-recognised borders to be respected.

    As his fourth and fifth conditions, he called for new security guarantees for Kyiv, and for the world to unite in calling out Moscow’s armed aggression.

    Later on Wednesday, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said EU countries had agreed to hit Russia with new sanctions.

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  3. There is no just punishment for what has happened. I unfortunately believe many countries will too quickly go back on Russian energy.

    The west will not forgive but will be desperate to maintain the status quo. I do understand as more nationalists taking power is not ideal but I don’t believe leaders in EU countries will keep the pipe off.

    Edit: to and too always

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