1. “Stop approaching me by standing still as I walk towards you”

  2. Russia: “our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!”

    also Russia: “how could the US escalate things in Ukraine so irresponsibly?”

  3. Motherfucker what? You guys guaranteed this when you tried to leverage nuclear threats to support this clusterfuck of a war. That made it impossible for the West to back down, because it would set the precedent that a nuclear state can freely conquer non-nuclear neighbours, thus collapsing the post WWII international order quite neatly.

    In short, go look in a mirror and assfuck yourselves *real good* with something sharp and rusty.

  4. Arthur: You’ll *WHAT*?

    Black Knight: Come ‘ere!

    Arthur: (tiring of this) What’re you going to do, bleed on me?

    Black Knight: I’m *INVINCIBLE*!!!

    Arthur: You’re a looney….

  5. Did these idiots really think that waving nuclear threats around every week would make people back off? Its obviously going to have the opposite effect.
    They wanted people to take their threats seriously, now they got it.

  6. The U.S. hasn’t even entered the battlefield yet in this supposed war against NATO.

  7. The fact that Russia has fought so poorly, they can never be considered a near-peer threat from now on. Russian troops lack training and modern support, in short, they suck. The Russian’s only reliable threat at this point relies on strategic systems, not operational or tactical-level movements. Russia = bad military.

  8. There is no way in hell the overweight vodka swilling medal bedecked cartoon generals will ever give up their privilege to satisfy the maniacal fantasies of a second rate spy like Putin.

    A few hours after he orders the strike.it will be announced that Vladimir Vladimirovich died from a severe allergic reaction to bullets in the back of his head.

  9. Fuck Russia. This was all Russia’s doing, against all the warnings and obvious costs, they invaded and remain in Ukraine.

    Russia can Fuck right off and end this any moment.

  10. When Putin put a nuclear suicide vest on himself, he never thought he will use it.

  11. “Putin approaching ‘dangerous brink’ with his own people”

  12. Fuck Putin. He is driving the world mad with his extremely dangerous sabre rattling. Putin is just asking that the people of Russia violently overthrow him

  13. HIMARS is really kicking their ass huh?

  14. Russian govt is so stupid. they are so corrupt that their military is so much worse than they claimed or anyone thought it was. then they send soldiers with no training or gear or good weapons to battlefield. i dont think its world war 2 anymore lads.

  15. A sphincter says what?

  16. The amount of people justifying Putin and arguing for straight up appeasement is shocking.

  17. When he threatens it feels like being barked at by a dead dog!

  18. Well the good news is….it doesnt really matter if USA and EU completely deplete their own stocks…the main threat was Russia, and Russia has been bled dry.

  19. Don’t threaten nukes then shitstains.

  20. Oh nooo, it could mean war with Russia, and that would be bad! For the Russians! Becuase they can’t even handle a Soviet Era army, much less a modern military.

  21. Have to keep supporting Ukraine. If we reluctantly accept these referendums. Then where does Putin stop? He can order us to withdraw NATO troops from Poland, Latvia, Estonia etc otherwise we’re getting the nukes. It either gets sorted now or it kicks the can down the road. It also shows other non nuclear States that you need nukes for leverage.

    The nukes may fly but any appeasement means loss of further territory guaranteed because the threat is always there. The West now need to not back down. Putin is threatening world security and if we back down that threat means he can do what he wants, sets an precedent that this terrorism works. I’m sure the West has already informed Russia what will happen if launches a nuclear strike.

    There are no tactical nukes as soon as one is launched we are in uncharted territory, any nuke launched is strategic and the strategy is then confused/lost/out of control. It’s certain that Putin can’t launch any nuke without a response, how that escalates is beyond Russia’s control. It sets a chain of consequences that are certain to escalate the situation to extremely dangerous levels.

    So are Russia crazy enough to support Putin in his request to launch. We may find out very soon.

  22. bla bla bla nukes bla bla bla.

    Be careful on Reddit when you talk about ruzzians. Apparently the invaders doesn’t like to be called vermin even though it is the correct word.
    It’ll get you a 10 day ban.

    wild animals that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or that carry disease, e.g., rodents.
    parasitic worms or insects.
    “his clothes are infested with vermin”
    people perceived as despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society.
    “the vermin who ransacked her house”

  23. Lol, maybe they should focus on the war they are losing at their border.

  24. “I can’t believe they didn’t fall for my nuclear bluff”.

  25. When did it become the “Fatherland”. Is Russia transitioning?

  26. Jesus Christ almighty Russia, how fucking dense are you? Stop warning the world about your apparent desire to kill everyone. Just fuck off back to Russia and stay there. No one else is in the wrong here. The only villain here, the only people acting unreasonably is you. These constant warnings are just laughably pathetic.

  27. The comment I was originally replying to was deleted so I’ll post this by itself…

    Every time someone says Russia wants buffer countries so NATO isn’t against their borders seems to forget Estonia, Lativa, and Lithuania, all NATO countries, are on Russia’s border. They are tiny so I guess easy to miss.

  28. I am not a pro war hawk, was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and do not want to see us dragged into another war, but, having said that we have no choice but to back Ukraine to the fullest here.

  29. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has warned that Washington is reaching a dangerous brink in its support of Ukraine according to reports

  30. That line you draw in the sand, we are gonna park a Abrams on it. Whatr you gonna do?

  31. Anyone here think Russia’s nuclear arsenal actually works?

  32. Present day Russia isn’t WW2 USSR under Stalin where the behind the line threat (motivation) was to fight the NAZIS or get a bullet to the head. It should be noted Russia lost more soldiers than any other allied nation fighting Germany.

  33. Hey! We’re just invading our neighbors! Why are you bullying us!?

  34. Desperate words coming from a desperate country

  35. All Russia has to do is go home

  36. When this was actually true in ‘83 they said nothing, because tensions were so high as to make threats suicidally imprudent.

    Are we supposed to believe them now? If we did, why wouldn’t the west be readying a preemptive first strike?

    This is a weird sort of flex that relies on mutual recognition that the speaker is *probably full of shit*

  37. Russia approaches dangerous brink off bullshit taking up valuable time in UN meetings

  38. US you are in the way of our peaceful effort to genocide the Ukranians.

    We hope you understand how innapropiate It is.

  39. Really? Where in America did Russia attact?

  40. More of the same drivel we’ve heard since February. Play a new song, please.

  41. Ohh….what are ya gonna do Russia???? Loose to US too? Looser…you’re Losers

  42. WWIII here we come

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