Tweet attributed to Canadian Prime Minister on trending…

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Tweet attributed to Canadian Prime Minister on trending hashtag is fabricated

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  1. Unfortunately the right and conservatives will continue to use this tactic as it is very effective on the less educated and hateful/selfish people of society.

    They will keep telling each other the same lie until it becomes a “fact” or “truth” even if they are found out or caught.

  2. >“It has come to my attention that #TrudeauMustGo has been trending for more than 24 hours. This is nothing more than the work of Putin and the CPC in an effort to discredit me,” reads the tweet in the screenshot. “This is precisely why our Government has committed to regulating and censoring Canadian online content.”

    god they are the most gullible people on the planet lmao imagine how deep in the echo chamber you have to be for that tweet to sound real for even 2 seconds

  3. That’s not what the poorly kerned scribbles on the back of a 2007 Ram 1500 told me. I know who I can trust.

  4. Cons don’t care about fact checking. The truth is whatever they imagine. 5G causes autism? Sure why not. Vaccines makes frogs gay? Obv. Trudeau eats babies on his pizza. You know it.

  5. Here’s another example of how conservatives ‘win’ elections now…there’s no question where it came from. The CPC manufactured from nothing a made-up, bald-faced lie, then abused parliament, the seat of our democracy, to give it an air of legitimacy, then let it play out in the media until fact checked, then packaged it into social media memes for consumption by low information rubes and gamer kids.

  6. Why do people on the right feel the need to constantly lie and cheat? They project fake corruption onto their perceived enemies and then proceed to use that to justify the nastiest tactics. It takes a lot of stupidity, arrogance and entitlement to conduct yourself this way while playing the part of the victim. Do they honestly think anyone who isn’t already part of their cult will be swayed by such petty ratfucking?

  7. Exemple of the screenshot they’re talking about ;



    It’s pretty dumb, anyone can fake tweets ;



    Any browser that lets you play with the page code can do that (I found a tweet from Trudeau and made that fake tweet in seconds), you can even make a video to “show” it’s real (as long as you don’t click out of the webpage).

  8. It’s not hard to fool online right-wing rubes. They want to be lead down anything that confirms and reinforces their bias.

  9. Fuck this, I can’t stand Trudeau but with all this shit going on I feel like I’ll have no choice but to vote for him.

  10. Conservatives are completely delusional and divorced from reality.

    Conservatism is dangerous and should not be tolerated.

  11. In the telling of a lie the truth is revealed. Obviously this is a Fabrication and some Conservative group is behind it. It’s a typical escalation. In that a counter group would flood lines of communication. Not allowing truth to come through. Its a bear hug, it’s drain the oxygen from the room and it’s so typically The Populist Pigeons way of attacking . There need to be laws against these kind of attacks. Because In actuality, this attack proves that Conservative don’t believe in democracy.

  12. Just more evidence that conservatives can’t win an election based on honesty, integrity or transparency. They always need to lie and spread misinformation to their increasingly unhinged and extreme “base” to keep them in the cult.

  13. Honestly this would be a perfect thing to capitalize on. Like for example:

    -back to question period to teach Pierre humility
    -back to the PMs office to keep helping Canadians
    -to the winners circle after defeating the 4th new Conservative leader

    Like the possibility here is endless. The LPC needs to get sassy here to start and maintain momentum in young voters if they want to keep their jobs next election.

    Edit, hashtags make things gigantic it seems so I removed it

  14. If you look at many of those twitter accounts, they’re clearly brand new profiles, likely bot-ran, with stock images as profiles.