1. Those ears were not happy. That stance wasn’t happy. Not being able to read the animal you’re approaching is a great way to get yourself hurt. He’s lucky he got a warning.

  2. Why do people think herbivores aren’t dangerous?

  3. Thatll teach ya, Lance

  4. He failed the quick time event

  5. The fuck does he expect. Its a wild animal, not sea biscuit.

  6. Horses bite at 500PSI. That probably broke his forearm.

  7. I have a fear of horses…. This just made it worse

  8. For all you none horsey type people…when you approach a horse… and their ears are pinned back like that…it means “GTFO of here”.

  9. He’s lucky that horse didn’t take his fingers. Very generous of it to give him just a warning nip.

  10. I was bitten by a horse as a kid, my friend has horse stables and I walked up the steps and began petting the horse and he liked being petted but as soon as I looked away the horse took a chomp on my upper arm.

    It happened too fast and it didn’t hurt at all but when I pulled back my shirt sleeve it revealed big teeth dentures and it all turned dark purple.

    I don’t go near horses anymore after that experience.

  11. And this is the beggining of the werehorse

  12. Ears back he attack

  13. This is what happens when you get your understanding of animals from Disney movies.

  14. Look at those ears.. he was telling you..

  15. I don’t know shit about horse body language but the ears back looks like a warning to me.

  16. Has this guy never played RDR2?! You have to approach the horse slowly, calming it as you go.

  17. He was all geared up to become a Disney princess and sing a song with the animals!

  18. Horses are jerks, got one at home and he ran right by me full speed and farted.

  19. That’s what you get for wearing that stupid little outfit

  20. He should’ve had his helmet on his forearm for safety

  21. Imagine a chimpanzee walking up to you and trying to pet you.

  22. Good thing he had that biking diaper.

  23. Always a classic.

  24. He needs to learn how the animals work in this new area.

    Anyway, he still has about 400 steps left to catch something in the Safari Zone before he gets kicked out.

  25. Go around Home Depot petting people and see if you don’t get punched just the same.

  26. He’s clearly never played RDR2. You never approach a horse with its ears pinned back.

  27. Yes, what a sound decision to go mess with a strange 1500 lb animal.

  28. A very old legendary video

  29. chomp

  30. Horseman’s origin story isn’t very exciting

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