Trying to incite some more bomb threats

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  1. So matt is claiming that a clinic is enlisting trangangs, or trantifa to uh, carry out surveillance on their own staff?

    lmao, I remember when people used to at least put some effort into their lies.

  2. No sources whatsoever. Matt Walsh then went to the store, bought all the peanut butter, and then rubbed it all over himself before laying in his bed. It’s true because I said it and apparently that’s all that’s needed for things to be true.

  3. People voluntarily going to a clinic for a procedure…


    Holy fuck this guy is a straight up fucking tool…

  4. So let’s review

    >Vanderbily got into the gender transition game admittedly in large part because it is very financially profitable

    But, isn’t this the free market at work? You’re basically admitting that gender transition care is so popular, so widespread, and so accepted that even a corporation sees it as a profitable move to get in on the action.

    >They then threatened any staff members who objected

    And absolutely none of these staff members went to the news, or any large media outlet to voice their concerns? Nope, they went to the *most* reliable source ever, your DMs. Yea, that happened. I mean you must have screenshots of DMs or video of your interviews with these people right?…….right?

    >and enlisted a gang of trans activists to act as surveillance in order to force compliance.

    Got any names? Any proof of organization? Or is this just another case of “they’re totally doing it, just trust me”. You’d think that if this was *such* a huge problem that you’d want to publicly call them out and tell your cult where exactly to direct their hate.

    >They now castrate, sterilize and mutilate minors as well as adults

    Gee you seem to have some pretty “hard evidence” there right? So you can report these crimes to the police that you trust so much right? I mean it’s for the kids right? I love the implication that people are just being scooped up from the streets and operated on without their consent. Also, why is sterilize being put on the same level as castration and mutilation? Even if this was happening, you want to slut shame women for not practicing abstinence, but also disapprove of them going out of their way to prevent themselves from having children? So do you want women to have children or not Matt?

    >while apparently taking steps to hide this activity from public view

    But apparently not hiding it well enough for your team of amazing super sleuths! Trans people and the people who support them are so weak and powerless but are also apparently conniving enough to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. I feel like I’ve heard this kind of rhetoric before, [but I can’t quite put my finger on it]( Do you want to be specific in what they actually do so that people can scrutinize them better? No? Why not?

  5. Mr. Walsh being ignorant is no surprise. However he may have just ran himself into an unexpected wall going after one of the most respected hospitals in the south like that. Vanderbilt is well respected amongst southerners as being tops when it comes to quality care and folks who know what they are doing when it comes to the practice of medicine. At least I hope my fellow rednecks will see it that way. Time will tell though.

  6. I’d just like to note something else he slipped in there, about they ‘sterilise, castrate and perform mastectomies on children *as well as adults*’

    Letting the mask slip there (not that it was ever on too tight in the first place) that this rant is nothing whatsoever to do with children, and all to do with demonising transitioning

    Also, you can make basically *any* form of surgery sound extreme, when you phrase it in deliberately charged terms. I could put out a tweet about doctors being paid to drug and even gas kids, before using equipment to literally rip teeth out of their skulls, and you’d think I was describing some horrific torture, not just a dentist

  7. So he is claiming that US healthcare is bad? That is very strange coming from a conservative. Normally whenever anyone else criticizes the US Medical system, conservatives will start giving a speech how it is the best in the world.

  8. Matt, the only thing you’ve investigated was your colorectum, and what you mamaged to find there with your own two eyes and your tongue sure is evidence, but only for your level of research skills, not for any actual results.

  9. how/why perform a mastectomy on a child who hasn’t even developed boobs? Do conservatives not proofread their propaganda?

    The other option is do nothing for another ~8 years until puberty begins, prescribe puberty blockers *so the boobs never emerge in the first place*. It looks better, it hurts less, there’s no surgery or recovery, you can undo it, and even better, if you double down on fully transitioning, with just a slight mediation tweak, you’ll have female puberty instead of male puberty.

    Looking like a woman because you had a female puberty, is infinitely more effective and painless and **straight up preferred** than doing plastic surgery on an adult male physique… so naturally in the minds of conservatives, this is the only thing we’re doing.

    The hallmark of dumb conservative propaganda is when some murderous liberal goes around trying to be evil, but is obviously hobbled by a very conservative understanding of how the world actually works.

  10. My team’s pool has investigated Matt walsh and found that he has shit in it multiple times. The shifting must stop

  11. So let’s review it! Matt Walsh is against:

    * for profit healthcare!
    * a private company using the power of employment against their employees to * checks notes * force them to do their job.
    * a private company enforcing their policies in protection of their patients.
    * a private company providing medical services.
    * basic privacy, human rights, and HIPAA!

    What are you Matt? Some marxist commie socialist?!

  12. Walsh is your average 4channer who still lives in his mother’s basement. Reminder to always touch grass or you’ll end up like Matt Walsh

  13. “whilst taking steps to hide this activity from public view” wow got the whole internet detective squad figuring that one out you genius. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want that published when the last hospital you brought attention to got bomb threats you christofacist scumbag

  14. He’s not trying to incite bomb threats, he’s trying to incite bombs. And unless he’s made an example of and hit with the entire book of slander and libel laws, other people will copy him.

  15. I said this in another post, but you have to sue. These people are undisciplined toddlers, and they have to be taught how to behave (with large financial penalties).

  16. Poor Matt – this is what happens when people get a lobotomy. He should probably be locked away for his own protection