Trump: Presidents Can Declassify Documents ‘by Thinking…

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Trump: Presidents Can Declassify Documents ‘by Thinking About It’ — Doesn’t Have to Be a Process

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  1. yeah, i dunno about that chief. i’m willing to walk with you pretty far, but this is further than i can go. while i don’t disagree the president has the power to declassify anything at any time without review or oversight, it’s still a thing you have to do. it needs to be in the public record.

  2. This is bonkers, but unfortunately not surprising. I voted for Trump twice. I really, really, really don’t want to be in a position to choose between him and Biden. Please, let’s move on from him if he does not have the sense to stay out of the ’24 election.

  3. Well, there were a few federal laws that were the basis for the search warrant. None of those statutes cited really care whether the documents were declassified or not. The classification status of the docs is obviously a hot button for the politics, but it seems irrelevant to the search warrant. It’s interesting.

  4. Yeah no.

    As someone that has a clearance when you get read in you’re told the laws. Doesn’t matter if you’re a general or an airman, the laws apply equally.

    Also in this country NO one is above the law. Liberty and justice for all.

  5. Should have at least written something down on a Post-It note or recorded a Tik Tok video (/jk on the latter).

    I’ll give any POTUS a **lot** of leeway on this. But this situation is not a good look.

    **If** found guilty, I’d say put him in a cell with Hillary. She was only Secretary of State with no power to declassify anything but was clearly violating the law. Put them in the same cell and do a Pay-per-view event. I’ll make the popcorn.

    The rest of us plebs would spend serious time in Fed prisons.

  6. Ooooh, no. I think there has to be some memo or at least another person in the room who hears you say, “This is declassified”. It’s not reasonable to expect people to read your mind.

  7. Legal experts and constitutional professors alike said the vice president doesn’t have the power to do what Trump asked Pence to do. And yet, in this latest law passed by the house with regard to presidential elections, they made sure to specify that *now*, the Vice President would have no power.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Obama was a constitutional scholar, so he should have definitely known better than taking and keeping classified documents after he left office if we’re applying the same rule of law to both equally. It seems like we aren’t.

    So is this yet another case of rules for me not for thee, or are the experts and the media lying to you to “get Trump”? Either way, in a court of law, one need only point to Obama as precedent.

    It’s funny to me how much this sub dislikes the FBI and the DOJ, calling out their BS and so on, but lord, if Trump strays one bit, it’s the end of the world for a lot of you. And that’s assuming that *this time*, either agency is on the up and up. Its like this sub is selective about when the DOJ and the FBI are liars and when they aren’t.

    I’m going to set a reminder should DeSantis become president to come back to this point in time and compare what you all say now, to what you’ll be saying when the left and the FBI/DOJ do all of this same stuff to DeSantis.

  8. Edit: Not sure why I’m getting downvoted here. I’m saying Trump doesn’t deserve any investigation or trial without Hillary getting one of her own. They allegedly did basically the same thing, but Trump has more authority to do so. I’m also saying I prefer DeSantis. Not sure why that’s a bad thing around here.

    I say his fate should be the same as Hillary Clinton’s for her handling of classified emails and documents in her home. They did virtually the same thing, except he was much higher ranking and had the authority to declassify and she didn’t. Once she goes to trial, I’ll support a discussion on a trial for Trump too.

    Not saying I wouldn’t vote for Trump, but with his abrasive personality and controversy around every corner, I think we’d be much better off if someone like DeSantis would be the candidate for 2024. He has all the pros of Trump, but none of the cons.

  9. He’s completely correct here. It’s not a team argument, it’s just plain and simply, legally true. The POTUS can do whatever the heck he wants with classified information because he is the ultimate authority on security clearance anyway. I’m not arguing for ultimate executive authority here, but imagine the chaos that could be created if the PRESIDENT had to wait on some pencil pusher to approve his declassification process.

  10. The owner of a company does not need to ask his employees’ permission to drive the company car. Even if there is an employee whose job it is to manage that car, the authority of that employee to do so comes from the owner.

    Within the executive branch there is no greater power than the president.

  11. This is why we lose. This thread is filled with flavored users who have clearly been informed on the matter by CNN. This is wild.

    Trump is 100% correct on this. The president has the ultimate authority on classification. No process needs to be followed. Presidents declassify information at will all the time, through no process.

    You’re all wrong and it’s sad and pathetic to see. Jesus Christ.

  12. I expected better. Thinking about doing something isn’t actually doing it. If that was the case, everyone driving would be charged with aggrivated assault when someone cut you off and gave you the finger.

  13. Well he’s technically correct but he should know the reason he has had our support is because we values substance over technicalities.

    I don’t care if the president has the power to declassify documents. If the safety of people working for the government undercover was compromised, he’s in the wrong. Just like Biden was in the wrong for giving the Taliban a list of US allies.

  14. Perhaps this was taken out of context, like everything Trump does?

    Possible to mean a President can “think” a document should be declassified and so they do it, meaning it doesn’t require some dramatic process in order to declassify.

    If he just means a President can think in their head a document should be declassified and so it then is, that’s flat out wrong.

    I think people in general should slow down and not rush to immediate judgement regarding everything.

  15. These comments here show exactly how different libs and conservatives are. The libs would all be giving themselves whiplash bobbing their heads up and down in excitement, trying to be the very first one to agree with their “leader”.