1. I heard rump was sued today by NY AG James for $250M.

    Anyone else heard anything?

  2. >Wednesday’s lawsuit by the New York AG accuses Trump and his family of enriching themselves through “numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentations,” claiming they “grossly” inflated the former president’s net worth by billions of dollars and cheated lenders and others with false and misleading financial statements.

    Holy shit, how is this the first I’m hearing of this breaking news?

    Kinda seems megathread worthy but there isn’t a single thread about it here. Strange.

    Edit: Jesus, every political news outlet I can find is covering this story, but not a peep of it on rpolitics. What is going on?!

  3. This orange turd actually has a PAC to fund his legal costs. Hopefully something about that is determined to be illegal too. Something has to stick eventually.

  4. How do the mods rationalize this post not being removed but removing all submissions about the lawsuit. Both are on topic.

  5. Melania’s gold digger self preservation senses must be screaming at her to file for divorce now while there’s still something to gain from it.

  6. How was the Mar A Lago raid stickied, but the SDNY AG bringing a lawsuit against Trump is removed?

    r/politics mod logic…

  7. Why is this story getting removed from this sub? The only one so far allowed is this one about the PAC. Voters deserve to discuss the political ramifications of the law suit itself.

  8. If debt relief is taxable income why isn’t this?

  9. How is it legal for the PAC to pay legal fee for a civil matter?

  10. Since when is a PAC allowed to pay the legal fees toward a civil lawsuit concerning fraud.

  11. How is someone paying your legal fees to the tune of 7 million not considered taxable income? My legal fees would come from my pocket. How is that legal? He’s not running for office. How is that not miss use of campaign funds?

  12. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  13. Imagine being a Russian oligarch who just wanted to build some nice golf courses, but your money was used for this instead…

  14. Hate to say it, but a million bucks isn’t gonna cut it this time. Not even close.

  15. Is it just me or is there a massively and unusually narrow cluster of attractive young women Trump hires for prominent roles, not quite similar in distribution to the men he hires – or anyone hires by most other politicians? Seeing a very Roger Ailes-like skew here…

  16. Hey- it’s your money trumptrash. Spend it how you like.

  17. Shouldn’t those payments count as income?

  18. Donor money for criminal defense…. Rubes

  19. Follow the money, see where it leads. I bet theres a crime involved.

  20. Well, we know tRUmp lawyers are in it for the money if they’re getting paid up front! Their greed & incompetence is not a plus for Spanky. With allies like these people, who needs adversaries?!

  21. That’s it ? What’s the point of super pacs if they can’t pay your legal bills when you break the law in your personal life ?


  22. He made payments!? Is he a changed man?

  23. “Unsuccessfully” fighting.

  24. You always get the best lawyers by saying, “I have a worthless case and a metric ton of other people’s money! Who wants some?”

  25. Brace yourself for the “Downtown” Clay Davis response (from the wire): bold face lying and deflect all questions towards political persecution.

  26. For a rich guy, he sure seems to use other people’s money when it comes to lawyers

  27. Sometimes I wonder if Trump can eat breakfast without breaking the law.

  28. Must be nice to get all that (tax?) free money to pay your lawyer bills.

  29. >*Political* Action Committee

    >Paying money to a law firm opposing a criminal investigation into tax fraud

    Thanks, John Roberts

  30. How gullible are Trump supporters? They send money, he spends it on lawyers to try to keep himself out of jail. He isn’t a billionaire. He isn’t a good businessman. He was born with a silver spoon jammed up his ass. He never lived below the penthouse and spent his life looking down on the “little guy” he spent his career screwing over… and they still can’t wait to send him their hard-earned money (thinking it will help them own the libs)… it’s sad. Pathetic, really.

  31. Nice change of pace, at least he’s paying his lawyers this time?

  32. Is that billionaire charity defence fund

  33. Likely paid to negotiate a settlement since there is no defense for what he did.

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