Trump Legal Team Learning To Their Detriment Not Everyone Is…

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Trump Legal Team Learning To Their Detriment Not Everyone Is Ruled By Petty Grudges

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  1. It was like a sherlock holmes moment when Trusty asked about starting the security clearance process and Deary said “You know, I thought about that… but I’d rather solve this without seeing them at all.” And the next day Deary succeeded and Trusty decided he’s doing this for free for nothing to gain because in that moment, he finally realized just how far over his head he was.

  2. Is ANY lawyer willing to work for Donald J Trump able to LEARN anything?

    No question they’re EXPERIENCING the predictable consequences of following their client’s directions, but do they have the capacity to grok that the tectonic plates of shit heading their direction were inevitable?

  3. I am so fucking glad that the Republicans refused to recognise Merrick Garland for a seat on the Supreme Court. They fired a shot and it went around the world and hit them straight in their collective asses.

  4. But their client is… which is also to their detriment.

    I would not wish the experiences that Trump lawyers are going to be dealing with over the next few weeks on my worst enemy… But they did know what they were signing up for

  5. I’m ruled by petty grudges – those are the best kind! Seriously though, anyone who has NPD utilizes these grudges as a way to exert power over others; this, combined with money is at the very core of their modus operandi – my mother and father were both diagnosed with NPD..