Trump: I Can Declassify Docs Just ‘by Thinking About It’

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Trump: I Can Declassify Docs Just ‘by Thinking About It’

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  1. >I Can Declassify Docs Just ‘by Thinking About It’

    So what you’re telling us is that you didn’t declassify anything…

  2. >”I did declassify, just by thinking about it” former president insisted **in an interview with Sean Hannity**

    But neither he nor his lawyers have ever claimed that he did so **in court**, where they could face penalties for lying.

  3. He said, “a lot of people are saying that the FBI raided his house looking for Hillary’s emails”.

    Come on!

  4. >”There’s also a lot of speculation because of what they did. The severity of the FBI coming and raiding Mar-a-Lago. Were they looking for the Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted but they are around some place. … A lot of people said the only thing that would give the kind of severity that they showed by actually coming in and raiding with many many people is the Hillary Clinton deal, the Russia Russia Russia stuff, or I mean there are a number of things. The spying on Trump’s campaign. So they spied on my campaign. So why did they come in and do that? Especially since we were having such great conversations.”

    You must literally have soup for brains if you still support this clown.

  5. He really is hung up on this pointless argument, they can indict him just for having them classified or not. I’m sure he doesn’t want to do the time associated with 100 classified documents but let’s be real, the dudes not gonna make it past 5 more years regardless. If I was him I’d spend my remaining free months enjoying life and shutting the fuck up.

  6. A variation on the philosophical problem with a tree falling in a forest.

    If Trump declassified anything while still POTUS but didn’t tell anyone, would it matter if Biden believes they’re still classified?

    As if that matters. Classified or not, they’re the property of the National Archives OR various executive departments or agencies, not Trump’s, so he’s still in possession of papers for which he has no legal ownership interest. Call it possession of stolen property.

    Tangent: will the orange coveralls common in correctional institutions clash with his fake tan?

  7. Technically, the possession of those documents, whether classified or not is a criminal offence. The classification is icing on the cake, but not the only indictable offence. Possession is. His whole argument is moot. And stupid

  8. Of all the insane things Trump has said and done, this may be his personal best. It sounds like he is close to a psychotic break.

  9. No, it only applies to him. Just like Mike Pence was the only one who could overturn an election, Harris can’t do that in two years should she want to.

  10. It’s still Hillary’s fault. Of all the excuses. They were looking for emails from Hillary Clinton. If you still believe this guy. Fuck you.

  11. I hate engaging with senseless lies disguised as argument

    But the most obvious rebuttal in the world is that:

    Joe Biden, the lawfully acknowledged sitting President can mentally re-Classify and ultra-dark super classify documents in his head too. In which case, we circle back to the original crime. Trump has documents he’s not lawfully permitted by our government to possess.

    Even his argument at full face value with no legal backing collapses based on this same false logic. The sitting president who did not extend security clearance to his predecessor, can classify the unclassified “in his mind”.

  12. Yes, but can you remove information that might be in them with that thinking? Because it’s not the classification that matters… it’s the potential for harm from the information…

    Not to mention that anyone with classification authority can reclassify with equivalent magic, on the day after he lost his special sweeping magic powers.

  13. Solution: Stop thinking about it!

    This shouldn’t be difficult, because generally, Trump doesn’t think much. He just acts without thinking on instinct as he has shown during his time in the White House.