Trump donors think they’re giving to “save America,” but…

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Trump donors think they’re giving to “save America,” but they’re paying Trump’s legal bills | More than 60% of spending by Trump’s Save America PAC is going to his legal battle over stolen classified documents

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  1. >Out of the $6.3 million spent by the PAC in August, over 60% — $3.8 million — was spent on Trump’s legal fees. That’s over 24 times what the PAC spent on actual candidates that month — the only expenditure listed under the PAC’s ostensible purpose was $150,000 spent to defeat Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., in her primary.

    so their only priorities are ‘pay orangeshitgibbon legal fees’ and ‘defeat liz cheney’

  2. HUSH!

    Every $ the rubes give to Trump is a $ they don’t give to any Republican actually up for election this year.

    Given the trajectory of Trump’s legal strategy with today’s appeals court ruling, only Trump’s lawyers are going to derive any value from Trump’s legal spending.

    I wish Trump a long, difficult, EXPENSIVE and ultimately unsuccessful journey into the realm of criminal justice.

  3. I think the great State of New York may have added substantially to Trump’s need for dollars to fight losing battles.

    /RIP Donald Trump

  4. Literally the only people that would be surprised by this are the people sending him money.

    Sadly, they are the least likely to know the truth.

  5. Check out /r/SadTrumpEmails – it’s full of all the sad and pathetic emails the Trump team sends out begging for money.

  6. So part of his legal fees have to go to the court, I’m sure. But most of this is taking from people that don’t really have a lot and giving it to lawyer firms. It’s been a distribution of wealth.

    I hope they see that they are just making the rich richer, but with their money.

  7. Isn’t this illegal? Iike the last fund raising reason that didn’t actually exist or build the wall fund that bought bannon a boat, like ffs how stupid do u have to be and most of these 50 dollar donors are probably on low wage given the iq level u need to buy into all the bull shit

  8. I suspect that in their minds they are giving to save America, by keeping Trump as a viable candidate for 2024.

  9. The sad thing is for what? I sure hope his current batch of lawyers aren’t getting top dollar. I wouldn’t pay Bob or Haba to manage an HOA trust let along litigate a federal criminal lawsuit.

    I guess you get what you get when you burn through lawyers like a Crack addict burns through favors.

  10. Doesn’t matter, they would still happily pay for these fees bc he has sold them that if they take care of him, he will save their country. He could tell them he’s using their donations to buy miller lite to “own the Dems” and his base would trip over their own assholes in joy.

  11. Sucker born every minute. No way are these Trump “supporters” going to desert him. You can’t talk to these people. It’s like you’re talking over them, over their heads.

  12. At a basic level, all you need to know about Trump’s supporters is that they are people who give money to a ‘billionaire’ because he asks them to.

  13. “Claiming wealth you don’t have is not the art of the deal. It’s the art of the steal.” — Tish James, Sep21st, 2022. I love that girl. ❤