1. https://twitter.com/kyledcheney/status/1572732056882352129

    > **The panel also rejects Trump’s claim that he may have declassified some of the documents, saying that he’s presented zero evidence to support it.**

    > In fact, the panel doesn’t even entertain it, repeatedly calling the documents unequivocally classified.

    Three-judge panel ruled unanimously despite two judges being Trump appointees

  2. Judge Cannon about to get smacked down repeatedly.

  3. Nail the traitor! He sold and traded national security secrets!

  4. Has Cannon made a statement yet?

  5. Big Fat gonna be hot 🥵

  6. I hope all of these documents have been fingerprinted. That would be so great

  7. The judge knows an orange herring argument when he sees one.

  8. Finally a reasonable ruling in this case. It’s a little surprising coming out of that court, but we will take it!

  9. That was quick…. Has the special master quit yet out of exasperation?

  10. Get fucked.

  11. Do your jobs mods this is the 100th post about this today. Jesus h. Christ

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