Trump Claims He Declassified Documents. Why Don’t His…

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Trump Claims He Declassified Documents. Why Don’t His Lawyers Say So in Court?

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  1. This is just the same as when they didn’t argue voter fraud. He’s so used to being able to spout whatever nonsense he likes without anyone calling him out that he can’t stop now.

  2. Crucial detail: notice that his lawyers won’t even say that Trump *believed* that he had declassified the documents. This is important because if they made that argument it would establish his *intent*, which is a critical factor in criminal litigation.

    Now, it would obviously make him look like an incompetent fool if they said, “Our client is too stupid to understand the process of declassification, and honestly thought he declassified these sensitive documents by waving his hand over them and saying ‘abra cadabra’.” That would at least mitigate the appearance of criminal intent.

    But they’re *not* making that case, which means they, and Trump, *absolutely knew* that information was highly sensitive and still very much classified, and saying what I wrote above would likely get them disbarred, considering that the FBI probably has text messages or emails that unequivocally prove otherwise.

  3. Trump just gets his talking points from Truth Social and/or Fox news and then proceeds to repeat them ad nauseam while claiming he’s a victim of the tyranny of his oppressors.

    Thing is, it works! Republicans seem to be fixated on this particular talking point, as if it’s their goal to trivialize and downplay the matter while deflecting the issue towards whatever can conveniently shift the responsibility away from Trump, simultaneously illustrating him as a victim.

    But in reality, this isn’t predominantly or solely about whether documents were classified or declassified, that’s what Trump and his supporters want to strictly make this about.

    Investigators are just as, if not more concerned with Trump’s negligence, which is a much bigger factor here. They’re more concerned with why Trump evaded and dismissed inquiries for so long, why he failed to cooperate time and time again. They’re more concerned about whether or not Trump compromised national security, whether or not he violated multiple statutes and laws, and what his intentions were, if he may or may not have planned to make top secret information available to people who have no business being privy to said information, and in exchange for god knows what.

    That’s with this is about, but once again, Trump and Republicans want to obsess over details that are far less consequential, so that when confronted, they can ignore what’s important or damning for the sake of a little confirmation bias and a narrative that accuses the left of unwarranted and relentless persecution.

  4. Same reason his lawyers never claimed their was election fraud in court or under oath. It’s all to pander to his base. Like Mikey, they’ll eat anything.

  5. Obviously because courts require that claims be backed by evidence. And the idea that a document becomes declassified simply because Trump *thinks* it is absurd and has no legal basis whatsoever. Declassification has a paper trail. No paper trail, no proof it’s been declassified.

  6. There are supertankers worth of things Trump has said NOT under oath which no lawyer in his/her right mind would put into any motion filed with any court.

    Basically Trump isn’t saying anything which could constitute perjury. Legally, that means he’s saying nothing, so nothing is all his lawyers have to work with.

  7. For the same reason that Tony Ornato has not gone under oath to dispute Cassidy Hutchinson’s claim that he personally told her that Donald attempted to lunge at the steering wheel because he so desperately wanted to be taken to the Capitol.

  8. Special Master is taking no bs or prisoners. How soon will it be proclaimed that he has ties to the nefarious “Deep State?”

  9. This article makes a very interesting point about Cannon altering her order. Since she struck the parts the DoJ wanted stayed, is the 11th circuit appeal now moot? Will team Trump now say the 11th circuit shouldn’t issue a full opinion on the merits because there’s no longer a live issue? That would let them avoid having a final decision on the shitty arguments cannon based her orders on, potentially allowing them a chance to re-raise the arguments again in a later criminal case (or even a later 41g motion before cannon).

  10. Because Donald is a lying sack of shit?

    When will people stop asking for logical explanations for a compulsive liar’s delusional utterings? Seriously. It’s been years now…

  11. Because unlike most in Trumpworld, these lawyers know that helping Trump is not worth losing their livelihoods, reputations and relationships.

  12. Trump’s Lawyers: “What do you mean why!? Hard to work as a defense attorney when you’re in lock-up with your client.”

  13. There has to be documentation when something is declassified. Trump’s been asked for it but cannot produce. That means they were not declassified and we taken illegal.

    Furthermore, it has been proven he had no reason to have them. They are not souvenirs. It is a serious crime so imagine the rabid right pursuing Obama if he did it.