Trump baselessly claimed he could have declassified…

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Trump baselessly claimed he could have declassified documents just by thinking about declassifying them

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  1. I have an exercise bicycle in my garage. I’ve been imagining myself using it for the last couple weeks, and I’m going to be in such great shape as long as I keep thinking about it.

  2. If we believe in Trump’s ability to declassify documents using solely the power of thought, with no record, then every document in existence has now entered a quantum state of entanglement with Trump, both classified and declassified, its state unknowable until, like Schrodinger’s cat, we look in the box by asking him if he remembers declassifying it. Of course, even that moment of resolution is only temporary, as Trump may, at any moment, say “Wait! I just remembered! I did declassify that one!”

    Let’s not even consider the possibility that one night, while asleep in a dream, Trump declassified all documents everywhere without recalling it. How can we ever know?

    And if Trump had the ability to declassify documents using just his mind, why not other decisions which he just hasn’t remembered yet? Let’s talk about pardons…

  3. Nearly half the voters in this country think this buffoonish corrupt clown should be the leader of the free world. Let that sink in.

  4. Further evidence that Trump believes that if he says something (or simply *thinks* it in this case), its true.

  5. Finally, we have a reasonable explanation for his supposed “failure” to pay all those lawyers and contractors over the past several decades…

    He simply closed his eyes and quietly whispered to himself *”they are hereby fired”* moments after hiring them.

    No one can argue that as the client he does not have the absolute right to fire a lawyer or contractor. It’s not his fault they kept volunteering their services for free after being fired.

    At least as far as I understand it. Perchance.

  6. Baby I didn’t cheat on you, we agreed to an open relationship in my mind! I forgive you for forgetting that though. Or rather I’m gonna throw a fit and say this relationship is rigged against me.

  7. Looking forward to legal scholars having to have straight-faced conversations about the validity of Jedi mind tricks.

  8. >There doesn’t have to be a process as I understand it, and, you know, there’s different people saying different things,”

    Just going to leave this here:

    **Trump’s DOJ won a 2018 case that undermines claims about his broad declassification powers**

    >The case in question involved a New York Times request for documents relating to covert operations in Syria that Trump had revealed in a tweet by criticizing “massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels” made by the United States government.

    >By talking about the matter publicly, argued the New York Times, Trump had in essence declassified the existence of the program, which would then make documents about it available to reporters through requests via the Freedom of Information Act.

    >The Trump DOJ pushed back on this, however, and successfully argued that mere presidential proclamations are insufficient to formally declassify documents.

    >”The Times cites no authority that stands for the proposition that the President can inadvertently declassify information and we are aware of none,” wrote the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in its decision against the Times. “*Because declassification, even by the President, must follow established procedures, that argument fails.”*

  9. A President has the authority to Declassify almost any Document he wishes.

    However, a Document is only considered Declassified after it has received a stamp that notes when it was declassified, who declassified it, and why it was declassified.

    None of the Documents Trump possessed had a Declassification Stamp, so none of the Documents he possessed that he had the authority to declassify were declassified.

    Furthermore, none of that legally matters. Declassified or not, all the documents in Trump’s possession where tagged as Defense Documents, meaning he did not own them, and should not have had them.

  10. The problem isn’t that he thinks that. The problem is there’s about 70 million Americans completely enamored with this whole unitary executive thing, that the President is an elected king who should be our supreme leader and have nearly unlimited powers.

  11. Executive Order 13526. December 29 2009. This order prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information. Never updated by Orange Jesus. Obama’s executive order. Still stands.

  12. Legal experts on Wednesday largely disagreed with Donald Trump’s Fox News argument that he had the ability to declassify documents with his mind.

    Attorney and former FBI Agent Asha Rangappa joked, “he’s actually invoking the Secret Telepathic Unilateral Preemptive Irreversible Declassification (S.T.U.P.I.D.) defense.”

  13. There are two possible reactions to this concept.

    You can imagine (as the “strong unitary executive” view) that literally every power and obligation in Article 2 of the Constitution and subsequent laws requiring administrative action are essentially the sole responsibility of one person who becomes imbued with executive power like a dove descending from the heavens every four years.

    Or you can realize that the United States government is actually a huge bureaucracy that requires literally millions of highly-trained public servants doing their jobs every day to make sure the country operates at all.

    …So here’s the thing… Republicans pretty much all want to abolish the Department of Education and Energy because doing so means… we’ll magically have better educations and energies, I guess, so you can imagine which side they tend to land on.

  14. Say for the sake of argument that he did declassify the documents. That is not the same as saying they are now his personal property and he gets to keep them. They are still government documents he has to turn over. That’s why DOJ is saying that classified or not makes no difference. They don’t belong to him.

  15. I’ve no doubt that the process for declassification of documents was clearly explained to him. Then he was asked to return the documents and choose not to. This is a example of his crazy I’m above the law thinking.

  16. >My brain did it! it’s a BIG brain too. the BIGGEST brain. Everyone knows this.
    >And then my Big Brain *(it’s the BIGGEST BRAIN folks!)* said ok now the whole Trump Russia thing or the whole Nuclear Secrets *(they’re secret because no one knows about them.. only I know about them, literally no one knew that before I said it! )* and I said, look I have the papers see! I even wrote on them because they’re mine!
    >These are the Best in the World, believe me! the best papers, and they’re Top Secret because that means only for me. So I took them and I knew they were Declassified because I said they were, in my Brain.. my Brain said it and everyone knew I was right!
    >So the Angry Democrats and Shifty Schiff are wrong and so bad. oh so bad. these are bad people folks! and they want to stop us from WINNING! so send me your money and we can win, and we can do all the great things! like never before!

    -Trump, because Trump

  17. Whether or not the documents were declassified is irrelevant anyway. The fact that they contain national defense information is what matters

  18. LOL, is this the legal defense that his attorneys refused to share with the Special Master yesterday? “Trump wished them to be declassified, therefore they were.” No wonder why the attorneys wouldn’t divulge the declassification process — they would have been laughed out of court.

    The worst part is that the indictment is independent of the document being classified!

  19. This is all noise. The law disagrees. Only a simpleton would argue that the president can declassify things *without telling anybody*.

    We’re moving on with the criminal investigation. This has been settled.

    The question I want answered is: Why did he have these materials in the first place? And why did he ignore the subpoenas ordering him to return them?