Trump-Backed House Candidate Argued Against Women’s Right To…

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Trump-Backed House Candidate Argued Against Women’s Right To Vote. John Gibbs, the GOP nominee for a House seat in Michigan, said women should take care of children, and leave governing and voting to men.

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  1. Yeah but women can and will vote. What a dumb-arsed thing to say before mid-terms. Does he think women are going to hear this and think “oh yeah…Im not voting now”. sheesh.

  2. “Some argue that in a democratic society, it is hypocritical or unjust for women, who are 50% of the population, not to have the vote,” Gibbs argued. “This is obviously not true, since the founding fathers, who understood liberty and democracy better than anyone, did not believe so.”



    Uhhh… anyone want to tell this guy what the founding fathers thought about black people voting.

  3. >Gibbs also echoes elements of the racist “great replacement” theory in his section on immigration

    A black man touting white supremacist conspiracy theories. Is this clayton bigsby?

  4. When most people watch Handmaid’s tale they see a fascist dystopia. When the GOP watches it they see a blueprint.

  5. 47 days until Election Day! Please take a few mins to do the following (regardless of which state you live in):

    Check you are registered to vote and have a plan on how you will be voting (in person, absentee, etc).

    Check in on your friends, family, and community to help them do the same.

    Every vote counts!

  6. When you wonder why a black person would ever be a Republican, well, here’s your answer. As long as they care more about hating other (non-white-male) people than self-preservation, the GOP will accept them.

  7. Don’t think that this is just one fringe crazy man. In a couple years this will be the GOP’s official platform.

  8. >In another section, he wrote that “The Bible clearly articulates the idea that women should not teach or maintain positions of power.”

    Oh wait, if it’s in the *Bible*, that settles it

    What’s weird is that Christians* generally are not embarrassed by this and insist publicly that people like this are not *real* Christians…so they cannot be held accountable for their actions despite actually supporting them because they are Christians

    *in actuality, you can replace Christians with any organized religion that wants to disavow people in the religion

    >“This is obviously not true, since the founding fathers, who understood liberty and democracy better than anyone, did not believe so.

    Does he know the Founding Fathers would have not wanted him to vote?

  9. And people said I was being dramatic when I said the GOp wants to remove women’s right to vote.

    The ERA was never ratified. If the fake court can remove our access to healthcare they can say that the decision regarding the right to vote is also null.

  10. It is shocking to me how not surprised I am by this. When the only thing that matters is fealty to Trump…you get these kinds of stupid (and dangerous) candidates.

  11. This guy claimed Clinton’s campaign manager in 2016 was participating in satanic rituals.

    He’s black, but still wants to punch down on women’s rights. He’s a software engineer that went to Stanford and Harvard. Worked as a missionary, so I’m guessing despite being a minority, he came from an affluent family, thus identifying with republicans “virtues”.

    Regardless, this guy is far right. I can’t even find a website for him, just a website with his name collecting donations and selling merch. At least they know there’s no platform beyond worshipping a grifter and hating anyone that’s not part of the in-crowd.

    [Register to vote]( Don’t let this shitbag have any influence over policies in our state.

  12. Fundamentalist maniac alert! Ignoring fuckers like this could lead to a theocracy that eliminates all women’s rights. I mean JFC, we’re already half way there unfortunately. This is where the both sides argument falls flat in terms of voting. Sure both parties are corrupt, but if you don’t vote blue, shit is inevitable going to be so much more fucked.

  13. This is not a surprise. They are testing these messages to get the base to expand on it and carry these messages.

    Tests to be able to vote will be pushed out.

    Interracial marriage will be brought up more.

    It is slowly pushed out to be tweaked, regurgitated, and then pushed out that the American people are talking about this. Then polling that XX% feel these values are important. Then it becomes an open platform to campaign on.

  14. > Gibbs didn’t believe all the things he wrote and was actually just trying to “provoke the left on campus,” a spokesperson said.

    > Anne Marie Schieber, a spokesperson for Gibbs’ campaign, told CNN that Gibbs didn’t actually believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or work, and advanced the online arguments “to provoke the left on campus and draw attention to the hypocrisy of some modern-day feminists.”

    Anything to trigger the libs, I guess.

  15. My wife’s response to his desire to repeal the 19th amendment was “would he like to repeal his life”. People like him are just pissing off women and making them more democratic.

  16. I remember a time not too far in the past when saying that would instantly end a person’s political career.

  17. They are slowing coming after everyone’s rights. They are getting bolder and bolder each cycle.

    Edit: I also believe the hardest part of seeing this becoming more common is the real conversation we rational citizens are going to need to have. We cannot find a middle ground with individuals like this and those who align with them. We can say vote, vote and vote until we are out of oxygen but let’s be honest, they will not stop. They do not want to find a free country where every citizen is free to live the life they want. They want control. They will not stop until they have it. You cannot debate them. You cannot shame them. Every cycle they will come back with more crazy ideas and use disgusting legal tactics to push us further down and regress all our progress. It’s sad that they don’t see that they can have this world as it stands and live life just like they want but that’s not their goal. They want YOU to live the life THEY want you too. The one THEY determined is right. I fear the only answer is to separate from this bad relationship but how.. that the tough discussion part.

  18. You could argue that puts him to the left of the party since they don’t want *anyone* to vote – only state legislatures on our behalf. In that sense allowing half the population is a good start!

  19. Used to be they wanted go back to the 50s but now they seem to want the 1850s. No vaccines, no gun restrictions, no women or brown people voting and white dudes everywhere.