Trainwrecks tells Destiny that his claim that Mizkif covered…

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Trainwrecks tells Destiny that his claim that Mizkif covered up the assault was given to him by the people involved

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  1. If this is true, then Mitch or Barry need to come forward. The second hand allegations are getting tiring to be honest.

  2. So let me get this straight.

    * Adriana herself doesn’t know what happened because she was out cold for the original incident and at best can only rely on the witness testimony of others and at best can only speculate about the intentions and internal thoughts of Mitch and Maya.
    * Train and Xqc don’t know what happened because they weren’t there.
    * Barry also wasn’t there for the original incident so he doesn’t know what happened.
    * Literally the only person who was a first-hand witness to any of this was Mitch Jones, and yet Mitch Jones has conflict of interest because he’s taken tens of thousands of dollars in loans from Train in the recent past.

    There is no logical way to ever prove any of this reliably. The only possible witness has conflict of interest and everyone elses’ words are worthless speculation and hearsay.

  3. This whole thing is revolving around Miz Maya and Mitch. At Mizkif house before they went to Adrianah. Because Mizkif was original accused by Train for “orchestrating” a master plain before going to Adrianah place.

    Maya story ruined that narrative of him being a mastermind sending her and Mitch to change stuff around. They’re plenty of evidence that Mizkif wanted to kick slick out when he first heard about it from Novaruu like Maya said.

    So Miz and Maya are against Mitch and Train. Mitch must tell his side to clarify what happen in Mizkif house. Maya also has to choose between either helping Miz or helping Mitch. Unless Mitch says what Maya told was the truth and he lied to Train

    I will say if Mizkif didn’t do those thing. Xqc and Train look like real dumbasses and tells you they used a victim of SA just to get back at Miz for the gambling stuff. Which is disgusting

  4. Only 4 people could possibly know for sure, Miz and Maya both said that’s not what happened so either Barry or Mitch is saying otherwise

  5. It’s crazy that the one guy who can corroborate Train’s story is Mitch Jones who:

    A. Was given $30k by Train after his music career flopped

    B. Was on Mizkif’s stream less than two months ago asking to join OTK and move back into Miz’ house and was denied.

    This whole thing is insane.

  6. At this point Miz and Maya should lawyer up and go at Train and xQc. There could potentially be a case for defamation.

  7. This kind of backtracking smells of a lawyer having a coronary telling Train how badly he could get nailed in a court if he wasn’t being honest when he made such massive allegations. Miz could have him for millions based on both lost revenues from sponsorships and broadcasts. Then again I don’t want Mizkif to somehow come out of this enriched and vindicated because he was also pretty shite in his actions.

  8. Oh the fact that these two dumbasses keep on talking when there is more than likely a lawsuit to occur is unbelievable

  9. Miz going to sue the pants off of everyone at this rate. Slander is all I’m hearing, this proof just doesn’t hold up. Not demeaning what happened but this has been a shit show and all that’s going to happen is a woman with issues the rest of her life and a bunch of streamers with loads of viewers. It pays to do this at this point.

  10. He doesn’t realize that despite claiming to have a source, it is a claim without the source, and since he was never involved it is weird for him to be the one making these claims and not the source. Usually when a journalist keeps their source private, it’s because they’re a journalist with legal requirements to be held to a higher standard, and this is Train who has his own bias and conflict of interest in all of this but refuses to elaborate.

  11. For all the people thinking there will be legal action against train from Miz or OTK is going to sue him. This is exactly why it won’t work. You cannot prove Train knowingly lied when the information was relayed to him.