Train and XQC doesnt understand you have to backup your…

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Train and XQC doesnt understand you have to backup your allegations with evidence

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  1. So according to Train we have to wait for the “second sentence” of a private DM he just sent to Destiny to be revealed publically for any actual evidence re Mizkif covering something up.

  2. > are you going to send maya and mitch to railroad and blackmail me like you did those girls to cover up all those sexual assaults you fucking scum bag piece of shit, you want to come at me and make shit up, then you better be sure you don’t live in a glass house you insecure pussy

    These are the accusations Train made in his first tweet. Can anyone back up these claims of “multiple sexual assaults”, “rail roading”, “black mailing” and “covering up”.

  3. Destiny is completely annihilating them on their motivations and credibility lol. They’re crazy if they think they can tackle him in this debate.

  4. Train backpedaling so hard. How can he think that you don’t need evidence to make career ending claims. He also keeps trying to shift the burden of proof to Miz’s side or people like Mitch.

  5. As someone that dislikes misinformation, it’s disheartening to see so many people following Train and Xqc despite how many of their statements and arguments are backed by fallacies rather than truth.

  6. Even if Mizkif wanted Maya to go ask her instead of himself, which there’s no evidence of, what does that even prove? People are acting like it’s damning if it can be proved that Mizkif asked Maya to go. But why? His reasoning to go would be the exact same as Mitch and or Maya’s for wanting to find out more.

    You’d need to prove not that he asked them to go, but that he asked them to go *with* the intent to downplay and silence her. Which is literally impossible to prove because it didn’t even happen.

  7. train’s trying to play off that the burden of proof isn’t on him since it’s not his story and he just gave a platform to adrianah. destiny is claiming that the burden of proof is absolutely on train because train’s the only one who publicly stated mizkif engaged in blackmail

  8. Train is hiding behind her so hard. Train seems like he’s been a great friend to Adrianah but he can’t concede that it can be true that she was okay with him doing what he did AND he did it as a deflection in a twitter fight.

  9. X saying the case is closed is so braindead. It’s been 2 days and nothing other than Adrianah’s personal account of SA has been corroborated. They have presented no evidence of Mizkif’s wrongdoing other than heresay.

  10. I listened to train talk for 2 minutes and I don’t know how Destiny does this for a living. I would wanna throw myself off a bridge listening to morons talk like this all day long.

  11. I haven’t heard any specifics on how maya/miz/mitch “railroaded” Adri. Railroaded means forcing someone to agree to something unfairly or too quickly. What I’ve seen is that the power dynamic was such that she felt pressured. And that Maya suggested the final sentence to her twitlonger. Can we confirm who actually was a witness to the incident? Was miz even there?

  12. This could be the turning point for miz if x and train don’t back up these allegations against miz mizkif could come back and blow x and train out of the water

  13. I am super confused. So six people saw Slick “touch her chest” (annoyingly vague) and didn’t tell her about it until way later?

  14. How is X confused by this statement and then he says he thinks Maya said she was sent. Miz is the one who said publicly he sent Maya to go find out the full story because she also has dealt with SA, is that the info X and Train used to say Miz covered up an assault? They made it seemed like they had a full blown configuration of what Miz had said… Train said there’s more girls with proof, but none have involved Miz at all, so why was he so gung-ho pinning this on Miz and saying there’s proof, but then has none?

  15. i do not really like destiny at all, but the things hes saying on this are 100% correct. His take is the exact reasons why i have doubts on some of things because there wasnt any actual evidence shown

  16. Is destiny ripping apart Trains and XQC’s empty evidence allegations against Mizkif? plot twist, is Mizkif innocent of all accusations/slanders against him? Wtf is happening.

  17. im glad destiny is atleast pushing back at them a bit. i cannot fathom how people can support these 2 genuinely brain broken fucking losers. they are so so desperate to be victims it is their main personality. if xqc didnt have such a smooth brained sycophantic audience he would screaming at a wall about how everybody is attacking poor him

  18. This is crazy, Destiny is going the fuck in on both of them. both of their communities were praising Destiny and now Destiny is not putting up with their shit as they attack HIM now.

    I never thought I would say it but Destiny and Hassan are actually looking good coming out of this. What a situation.