Today my best friend sunsfantv is premiring his new custom…

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Today my best friend sunsfantv is premiring his new custom game he has worked really hard on and i think its very neat please watch

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  1. When Autochess first started popping off, I thought it was ability arena in concept.

    Ever since I’ve been waiting for someone more talented than I to make it! I managed to get into some of the prerelease lobbies an loved it! Really looking forward to playing this one I get home from wok

  2. as an autochess and AD slut I am now inclined to believe that this game was specifically made for me. thanks santa.

  3. I miss the days of WC3/SC custom games like the tower defense, gladiator arena, omni party, etc. Some of them got replicated, but SC alone used to have like hundreds of custom games that are long gone.

  4. I played this a few times while they were running test games through discord. Highly recommend if you’re in to any of the autobattlers.

  5. these games are such a flop compared to those random chinese games. not sure why but the china devs seem to pump out actually enjoyable games