to write an essay

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  1. This made me laugh so hard, and the teacher’s attitude brings life to this post 😂

    “one percenter” – *why are we saying this* 🤣

  2. Whenever I would get suspended in high school, I had a history teacher that would assign me bullshit essay topics for his entertainment.

    The two I remember best were “The Importance of School Lunches” where I gave school lunch staples vivid backstories and “The History of the Girl Scouts” where I started every new page with “I wake up, covered in blood” on how I started the tradition of selling cookies via a murderous, drug fueled trek across America.

    Good times

  3. Bruh this is a midterm I’m squirming on the toliet seat and clenching my cheeks I couldn’t imagine turning this in for a good chunk of grade 😭

  4. Truth be told, I’m interested in where he wanted to go with this essay, but, a more sober driver could’ve reached the objective. Perchance!